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Interior Design

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Hey Color lovers.

Heres the thing. I live in maryland, and I wanna get a certificate for interior design but I have no idea what unv, schools out there offer programs in this disipline....
Any suggestions color lovers ? I could really use your help.

-Just Cassie
I know its out of state but Iowa State University has a high rated Interior Design program along with Engineering. They are on the fast tract with many more programs. I studied Interior Design their and a good friend of mine recieved his bachelors in Computer science. I would check it out. The design theory classes tend to average at about 350 to 500 students but the studio class i was in only had about 20. It was small and very informative. what we learned in our large theory classes our teacher would review with us through hands on projects. The school itself is very beautiful if you take the time to check out all the interiors. Memorial Union was one of my favorites along with Hoover Hall and the Friley Dormatories. Its a very wonderful place. I meet many friends from different states and even countries. i recommend at least looking at the university.
Interior design is the decoration of the indoors. Interior designers, are the decorators, we decorate and accessorize every room until it has a vibe of its own. We like to match colors themes, woods, flooring's, and every other accessory the stores can possibly come up with. Interior designers help you find your ideal home.

Thanks in advance,
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