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Hi lulu,
One way is to create a template, color it, then take a screenshot of it or save it to yr computer. Then crop it to a long rectangle, add text on it with a photo editor in a long line. You will be cropping first, adding text, then reducing the size to 760x100, a rectangle. Save that as yr final pic file and just upload it. There's apps to add text and to reduce the size.

I wanted to create a banner for my etsy shop. Just something simple and pretty. How do I do that on here??
and my etsy store is
Here's my shop. I sell planners, notepads, buttons, and posters.

I chose colors based on what I like, and what looks nice when it prints. Also, I use toner, and it's expensive, so darker colors get really expensive to print! The Lantern Planner, for instance, is being discontinued due to it's hunger for toner. It eats up a ton of it. I have one on hand atm, and that's it. When I get to the point when I can print them in larger numbers something like that may work, but right now it's just not feasible. Besides, I love bright, lighter colors overall. Lol, you can tell by my palates.
If they are made by a large company, and are not vintage, Etsy will shut the shop down. Art related prints O.K. if the person is an artist, but if a large store tries to sell on it they get shut down.

divebomb djingle wrote:
i was wondering how the buyers can be assured that the goods sold are crafted by the people selling
This is my just opened etsy shop! :)

I'm going to change my banner, my products are handmade wooden toys, and they are finished with beeswax and olive oil, so they all look kind yellow and greenish... I need to create a banner to balance the strong yellow color...
I really love yellow color.
Newbie here and having some fun. Learning how to navigate. Happy I discovered a color palette to play with saving paint & $. Hah. Enjoyed visiting my fellow Etsy-ians shops. Please leave me a convo about your visit.
Good to know about on Etsy. :)
karnoug wrote:
I created a group for Etsy users, anyone is welcome to join.

What happeend to the group on Etsy. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.
Hazen, <3 your Etsy shop. Your animal illustrations are innovative and awesome. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the best of success with your sales and more.
Artfully so
Hello, I have a shop on Etsy called Bracelets By Jen. In my shop I sell various types of handmade macrame embroidery friendship bracelets and embroidery awareness bracelets. Here are a few of my bracelets:

I use Colourlovers to help me decide on different bracelet colors. Come take a look!!

Etsy has made a lot of changes opening doors internationally as well as wholesale. With progress comes changes and some that bring questions such as you have made to mind! :0
divebomb djingle wrote:
i was wondering how the buyers can be assured that the goods sold are crafted by the people selling
Curious as to how many of you Etsy-ians have your own websites? And who you have chosen to to build one with?
Here's mine
Planning on visiting ALL of your shops.
Thanks again for opening this discussion and getting back to colourlovers site.
Hola a todos me gustaria poner un negocio por internet con mis diseños palettes and patterns como podria hacerlo ayudenme por favor se los agradeceria mucho atte:Rainbow dash

Hi all I would like to start a business online with my palettes and patterns and designs could help please do so would greatly appreciate is the atte: Rainbow dash

Hi, this is my shop with the handmade weddings accessories!
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sparrowandcompass wrote:
{omglove}Color by COLOURlovers.
wow. i like it.

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