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Join in the Colorful Conversations

Looking for answers to your color questions, have some advice to give... or simply want to get to know your fellow COLOURlovers? You're in the right place.

Colourlovers on Spoonflower!

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Are you a Colourlover applying your pattern and palette ideas to the fabric possibilities of Spoonflower? Are you thinking about it, but unsure how to start?

Please come join our Colourlovers on Spoonflower group!

You can:
•• Post a link to your Spoonflower profile

•• Share questions and ideas about CL colors on fabric

•• Show off your projects

•• Share your ideas and thoughts about this cool partnership…

See you there!
Every time I visit Colourlovers, I think of Spoonflower. I have a gallery of over 100 designs on Spoonflower and also have a digital scrapbook and papercraft store on Etsy. Colourlovers is my go-to place for inspiration and palettes! Unfortunately, all I know how to do on Colourlovers is look.
You're certainly invited to join the Colourlovers on Spoonflower group (linked above), suzi! This is a good place to just brainstorm about color ideas for your next fabric project. But I bet you already knew that :-)
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3 weeks ago
They've been taken care of. If you notice more spam accounts, please let me know.
Thank you for helping us to keep COLOURlovers clear of spam :)
3 weeks ago
sparrowandcompass wrote:
{omglove}Color by COLOURlovers.
wow. i like it.

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