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Sorrow Won

It looks gray and I think most people would even call it a dark gray - especially in poor lighting. That is, of course, until you do a comparison of a real and neutral gray. You should be able to observe there is muted “violet” or “pink” hue mixed in, what was a lighter gray, but now it is just a very drab and uninspiring, barely a color sample. Ironically, this color is works very well with lighter and brighter shades of all different colors around the wheel, especially metallic color (think silver). When I use this color, it is almost always the darkest shade in my palette, and it’s a very minimal palette at that.

With that said, I’ve had my share of sorrow in life, and I am grateful that the ones I love more than myself are alive and well. Trust me, the alternative should be avoided at all costs. I say this because that’s exactly how I feel: something very simple and beautiful about humanity has died. If I had to pick a color that described the vibe I’m feeling, it would be Sorrow Won.

 By soundsaidlook May 7, 2023