Colorful Beauty in Nature: Butterflies

Colorful Beauty in Nature: Butterflies

One particular place to find amazing colors in nature is the Butterfly and lucky for us there are 17,500 species of butterflies in the world.

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They use their bright colors to ward of predators by tricking them into thinking they are poisonous (some actually are) or by camouflaging themselves into plants or bigger insects.

A Collection of 18 Beautiful Butterflies & Their Color Palettes

Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtails again

  by Orbital Joe

Swallowtails again
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Planting the Most Powerful Color

Planting the Most Powerful Color

In the latest issue of Fine Gardening, Sydney Eddison, a colour-passionate contributor to the magazine, dispels the gardener's fear of dynamic reds by writing about the types of red in flowers, and how to use them.

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Calling attention to the assertive nature of red and how it has the power to draw the eye more than any other colour, Eddison goes on to mention that red has many faces, chief among these being cool red, true red, and warm red. Also among those three are tints, which are softer versions of their titles.

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Bring Home the Color

Bring Home the Color

Feeling a little stuck in the box? Might I suggest a pair of stylish bird scissors? Pylones is a store of ordinary items done extraordinarily, and it just might change every one of your preconceived notions concerning what kitchen utensils and office supplies should be. Bringing fun and funk together, psychedelic toasters are about the tamest of all the hand-painted products in-store and online.

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Dustpan Pair

With store locations only in Paris and New York City, I remember stepping into the one on Spring Street in Manhattan and feeling like a five-year-old again.

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Developing an Eye for Color

Developing an Eye for Color

With my nephew's room being painted a bold blue, I couldn't help but think about the development of colour vision in babies. I remember hearing that babies can't see all colours immediately, and even can't focus their eyes for the first few weeks. In fact, babies only seem to notice things that move at first because focusing takes such time and development, so mobiles and ceiling fans will keep their attention should they be awake. It takes the eyes of a baby one to two months to be able to study the parents' faces, and two more to recognise it. It's at about month four that colour starts to fade in as in adult eyes.

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Watching the Colours Change

Red/Black/White Baby Toy   The rods in the eye, the black-and-white receptors, develop first, and soon after come the cones, the receptors for colours. One of the first colours a baby can comes at about four months. The first among those colours they can see is red, and as the red cones develop the green cones are inhibited while green cones will inhibit red, and blue will inhibit both in return. Almost concurrently with red comes blue. It's like a tiny battle for the postage stamp-sized tissue in the back of your eyes. As a result, there are some baby toys out there, like this one by Manhattan Toy Co., designed specifically around this to stimulate the baby's development.

Technology has also grown with the understanding of the human eye in that televisions and monitors use red, green, and blue, just like the human eye, rather than the primary colours we all learned in elementary school.

What You Can Do

Some researchers have suggested that a babies room colours change with their eyes. While this is hard because we can't see as they do, there is a general sense that bold and bright colours will be best for the baby which means pastels, which are automatically associated with babies, don't hurt at all, but don't necessarily aid in speeding development.   Toy Pastel Room with Bears

It has been suggested that a baby's room be painted in black, white, and red in correspondence with the first developmental stage, but more importantly comes stimulating the baby with changing the exposure angles of light in moving the crib and the baby's position in the crib often. Ultimately, the baby will learn to focus on faces, on objects, and learn about the world it lives in just by being exposed to it, and every day is a brand new exposure.

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Stars are Hotter than You

Stars are Hotter than You

When cooking on a gas stove, the colour at the centre of the flame is blue, which seems a little strange considering the association of blue with cold and red with hot.

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In fact, if you blink, you might miss seeing that sometimes the tips of the flame can be red or orange. It's the same as how a flame on a match head will appear orange, because it has a cooler temperature than the base of the flame on a gas-fed stove top.

The principle behind this is called colour temperature. The range of flames in particular run from red being of the lowest heat, and blue burning hottest. This is also true of stars, as they are giant balls of flaming gasses.

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Flags of the World by Color Usage

Flags of the World by Color Usage

Shahee Ilyas has lots of fun and interesting projects on his site. One I found particularly interesting was a breakdown of all the flag colors in the world and how much each color is used in each flag.

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With his permission here they are:

Each sector the pie-chart is proportional to the area of the color on the respective flag

Click on an Image to Reveal the Country Flag

Afghanistan af
Albania al
Algeria ag
American Samoa aq
Andorra an
Angola ao
Anguilla av
Antigua and Barbuda ac
Argentina ar
Armenia am
Aruba aa
Australia as
Austria au
Azerbaijan aj
Bahamas, The bf
Bahrain ba
Bangladesh bg
Barbados bb
Belarus bo
Belgium be
Belize bh
Benin bn
Bermuda bd
Bhutan bt
Bolivia bl
Bosnia and Herzegovina bk
Botswana bc
Brazil br
British Virgin Islands vi
Brunei bx
Bulgaria bu
Burkina Faso uv
Burma bm
Burundi by
Cambodia cb
Cameroon cm
Canada ca
Cape Verde cv
Cayman Islands cj
Central African Republic ct
Chad cd
Chile ci
China ch
Christmas Island kt
Colombia co
Comoros cn
Congo, Democratic Republic of the cg
Congo, Republic of the cf
Cook Islands cw
Costa Rica cs
Cote d'Ivoire iv
Croatia hr
Cuba cu
Cyprus cy
Czech Republic ez
Denmark da
Djibouti dj
Dominica do
Dominican Republic dr
East Timor tt
Ecuador ec
Egypt eg
El Salvador es
Equatorial Guinea ek
Eritrea er
Estonia en
Ethiopia et
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) fk
Faroe Islands fo
Fiji fj
Finland fi
France fr
French Polynesia fp
Gabon gb
Gambia, The ga
Georgia gg
Germany gm
Ghana gh
Gibraltar gi
Greece gr
Greenland gl
Grenada gj
Guam gq
Guatemala gt
Guernsey gk
Guinea gv
Guinea-Bissau pu
Guyana gy
Haiti ha
Holy See (Vatican City) vt
Honduras ho
Hong Kong hk
Hungary hu
Iceland ic
India in
Indonesia id
Iran ir
Iraq iz
Ireland ei
Isle of Man im
Israel is
Italy it
Jamaica jm
Japan ja
Jersey je
Jordan jo
Kazakhstan kz
Kenya ke
Kiribati kr
Korea, North kn
Korea, South ks
Kuwait ku
Kyrgyzstan kg
Laos la
Latvia lg
Lebanon le
Lesotho lt
Liberia li
Libya ly
Liechtenstein ls
Lithuania lh
Luxembourg lu
Marshall Islandsrm
Micronesia, Federated States offm
Netherlands Antillesnt
New Zealandnz
Norfolk Islandnf
Northern Mariana Islandscq
Papua New Guineapp
Pitcairn Islandspc
Puerto Ricorq
Saint Helenash
Saint Kitts and Nevissc
Saint Luciast
Saint Pierre and Miquelonsb
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesvc
San Marinosm
Sao Tome and Principetp
Saudi Arabiasa
Sierra Leonesl
Solomon Islandsbp
South Africasf
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islandssx
Sri Lankace
Trinidad and Tobagotd
Turks and Caicos Islandstk
United Arab Emiratesae
United Kingdomuk
United Statesus
Wallis and Futunawf


All Flag Colors Combined

All Flags Colors
Using a list of countries generated by The World Factbook database, flags of countries fetched from Wikipedia (as of 26th May 2007) are analyzed by a custom made python script to calculate the proportions of colors on each of them. That is then translated on to a piechart using another python script. The proportions of colors on all unique flags are used to finally generate a piechart of proportions of colors for all the flags combined. (note: colors making up less than 1% may not appear)

Originaly Created By Shahee Ilyas 2007 | This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Special thanks to Ayesh. All original flags are from Wikipedia contributors. Some information is obtained from other public domain sources such as The World Factbook database.

Were you looking for some digital flags to include in your project? Check out Creative Market for some awesome downloads.

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Colors of the Flag of the United States

Colors of the Flag of the United States

Memorial Day is observed here in the United States on the last Monday of May. Though actually on the 30th, the holiday was moved to the last Monday for business convenience, as the 30th often falls mid-week.

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It is a holiday of remembrance for those whom have served in the time of war, and is a day marked with many localised events at memorials and public parks as picnics. The American flag is flown at half-staff from daybreak until noon in honour. With the day in mind, I thought we'd take a look at the flag's colours, and what they stand for.

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MEMBERlove :: A Creative Palette Video

MEMBERlove :: A Creative Palette Video

I was poking around the site when I found a nice little video created by a fellow COLOURlovers member, realitybites. She took what must be a large number of palettes and animated them to some music.

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colour therapy by realitybites

Turn off the lights. Sit back and relax. Enjoy 8 minutes of colour therapy while listening to "The Melody Of A Fallen Tree" by Windsor For The Derby, from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it.

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Mathmos Illuminates Colorlove

Mathmos Illuminates Colorlove

From as early as the 1960s, colour and lights have been brought together in unconventional ways to the home. The defining product of the time was the lava lamp, and they find their ways into homes even today with all sorts of bases and tops to accommodate the tastes of the homes in which they appear. The driving force behind lava lamps, Mathmos, has become a radiant source for colour.

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Quiet Reminders

Today, light and colour come together in all new and exciting ways. It seems like everything with a circuit board has LEDs in it somewhere. An array of colours can tell you if something is charged completely, if it's on or simply has power, and so on. These subtle signals can tell us a number of things. With so much of our daily lives revolving around tiny coloured lights, it makes me all the more glad that Mathmos has taken ambient light to a new level.

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Interview with Franco DeFrancesca

Interview with Franco DeFrancesca

Franco DeFrancesca

Franco DeFrancesca

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age: 39
School or Professional Training: Ontario College of Art & Design and the University of Guelph

I was lucky enough to be in Toronto and catch Franco's work on display in a gallery a few months back. His work was wonderfully colorful and drew us into the gallery. I thought the medium was equally interesting and I'm excited he took the time to share with us how he creates these beautiful works and where he finds inspiration.

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CL: What is your background?

Born and raised here in Toronto to Southern Italian (Calabrese) immigrant parents, I graduated from the Ontario College of Art (which is now called the Ontario College of Art and Design). After graduating from school and traveling I began a career as a freelance graphic designer, which I had worked at until 2001. With changes in the labor market, affected by the notorious "tech bubble" and a personal desire to shift career possibilities I began working in the renovation industry as a carpenter and general tradesman. After working in the reno industry for a couple of years I returned to school to resume art studies and have been a working artist since 2004.

Reticence by Franco DeFrancesca

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