Wedding Themes : Tropical Bliss!

Wedding Themes : Tropical Bliss!

pink anemene

Are you planning a destination wedding for Bali, the Bahamas' or Hawaii? Get ready to turn your wedding into the colors of the sea - we all know how beautiful that underwater kingdom is.

2010 is already busting with hot palettes, get ready to embrace it! I used a sea anemone (provided by: Coral Sea Scuba) to coordinate this palette. It may seem loud, but let's look at how it can work together.


Bridesmaids.  Lulakate has some fabulous dresses this year and a hot color palette perfect for our theme. My favorite pick is the Ashley Dress and it comes in a Cardinal (from their palette), perfect for our palette! What I like about the LulaKate dresses is that they also double as cocktail dresses. No more one-time-wear bridesmaid dresses.


I'm also a strong believer in fitting the bridesmaid dress to the bridsmaid body type so be kind and make sure your girls properly fit the style of the dress. Also, it looks nice to mix up your palette, it adds variation to your line.

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Your Wedding Starts with the Right Color Coordinates

Your Wedding Starts with the Right Color Coordinates

wedding_colors_6bAre you ready for the whirlwind of planning a wedding? Make it easier on yourself by starting at square one - your colors. If you haven't been planning for this day since you were 12 years old, you will want to start by finding your theme. There is a method to this madness, it's called an Inspiration Board. This is something you will use to compile the photos, magazine tear-outs, material and ribbon swatches that you have gathered. It's a lot more productive and quicker than building a 6-inch thick binder. If you already have a binder, slim down your ideas by putting them on the Inspiration Board. If you need a visual, Elizabeth Anne Designs has a a great collection of Inspiration Board examples. Here are a few I grabbed that might work for our color palette here:

(photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs)

Literally pick up a few pieces of black poster-size foam board and some tape (two-sided or scotch) to start your project. You can pick these supplies up at any general purpose store (i.e., Walmart).

Finding your colors. Don't start by looking at swatches of colors; you'll spend too much time. Begin by looking through bridal, wedding, interior design, fashion, gardening and even scrap-booking magazines or websites for inspiration. Find things that you like, and again, I would highly recommend looking at the Elizabeth Anne Designs inspiration boards to get an idea of what to gather. Remember that the photo doesn't even have to be wedding oriented, it just needs to be something that has good use of a color and reflects your taste.

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