COLOURlovers @ Create Chaos Conference

COLOURlovers @ Create Chaos Conference

The creative conference Create Chaos has invited me to come and speak about color trends... and since I love color and the idea of creating a bit of chaos... I've agreed. If you might be in the Orlando area mid-October or were looking for a creative conference to attend this year, come on down and join us. (If people are interested we could organize a COLOURlovers get together around the conference too.)

CONFERENCE DATES: October 13-17, 2008
EXPO DATES: October 14-17, 2008

Attendees will be creative professionals, including the following industries:
Advertising, Graphic Communication, Film and Video, Motion Graphics, Animation, Photography, Printing, Publishing & Interactive Media.

COLOURlovers get a $200 discount when registering with the coupon code: colourlove
This discount and coupon code are only valid through Aug. 30, 2008.

Register to attend Create Chaos 08

My Presentation on Color Trends

Thursday Oct 16th (2:30 - 3:40 pm)

Color Me Trendy
Color trends seem to sometimes take the creative world by surprise – and then by storm. If you propose a new color combo too early, your clients will think you are crazy. In this session, take a look at what colors are popular in different industries and how you can do your own color trend research. We’ll look at where to find great sources of color inspiration for your designs and how to test those ideas out. Put the power of color back into your designer hands.

Be Part of the Presentation

My presentation will be about what this community does so well, harnessing the power of the creative world to find great colors. So if you have something you'd like to share, let me know and I might add it in to the presentation.

If you could help other designers with figuring out the color trends what would you share with them? Have some bit of color advice, a favorite tool, a place you find inspiration, case studies of how you've used color in your work...

Hope to see you there.

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UFO Spotted Over Poland “We Come in Color”

UFO Spotted Over Poland “We Come in Color”

No contact with aliens was made, but I hope that if they do arrive... they do it with this much color. The UFO was an art project conceived by established New York artist Peter Coffin and created in collaboration with London-based Cinimod Studio. The colorful UFO made its appearance July 4th at the Gdansk Festival of Stars.

See More Photos and Read More Details at Dezeen Design Magazine

Color UFO Photo by Michal Szlaga

The overall UFO structure is 7 metres in diameter and manufactured of aluminum for lightness. 3000 bright and individually controllable Color Kinetics LED nodes have been arrayed across the structure and are controlled via a solid state computer. An on board 6 kw generator provides the system power, and the overall UFO can be remotely controlled via SMS messaging.

Color UFO Photo by Michal Szlaga

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COLOURlovers in TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2008

COLOURlovers in TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2008

2008 has been a great year for us so far. We reached several milestones like 1,000,000 named colors and 100,000 members and we received some pretty major recognition...

We were honored by the Webby Awards as one of the Top 5 Web Communities for the second year in a row. The Web Visionary Awards gave us the Application, Community and Best of Show awards...

And TIME just named COLOURlovers one of the 50 Best Websites of 2008!


Thank you all for being a part of our community and for helping us grow as one of the best places to share some of your time online. We have more big ideas planned and look forward to ever increasing the amount of color love in the world.

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Congratulations! You’re Our 1,000,000th Color!

Congratulations! You’re Our 1,000,000th Color!

Almost 4 years ago I had an idea and threw down some code that would allow people to share colors and rate them... Just a few days ago our 1,000,00th color was named and shared on the site. It was only 10 days ago, but since that milestone color was upload... another 32,000 have been shared. That's some serious color love!

The names of colors can do funny things, just check the interesting coincidences thread for more examples... but _stefan, unknowing that the color he named Ego would in fact be our 1 million milestone color. Thank you all for sharing so much color love with us. (And now that the Color API is up and running, some creative folks are going to find some awesome ways to play with that color / name data.)

COLOURlovers Major Color Milestones

Every color on the site is special, but here are some extra special milestone colors.

#1 Lickable Lips


#100 Ash Brown



#1,000 Alkaptonuria


#10,000 COLOUR #10000



#50,000 Pear Timer


#100,000 Coagulent



#250,000 My Marine


#500,000 got



#750,000 B1A887


#1,000,000 Ego



Number of Colors Added Per Month


Color Archive: The Top Colors Since We Started

You can browse the color archives all the way back to Dec. of 04 when we started COLOURlovers to see what the top colors were each month. Here are the top 2 colors from each of the last 12 months.

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Remembering a Friend, Artist and COLOURlover

Remembering a Friend, Artist and COLOURlover

Teresa, Teri, Faded Jeans passed away April, 11th... She was a much loved part of our community and she will be greatly missed. A fellow COLOURlover and friend let me know the sad news and I felt it appropriate to let you all know... but, most importantly to share a little of the amazing color love that she left behind with us.

Love Without End Forever and Always

Germany- Teresa Lynne Light, 51, formerly of Kingsport passed away unexpectedly early Friday morning (April 11, 2008) in Attendorn, Germany.

She was born in Warner Robbins, Georgia and had lived the majority of her life in Kingsport until moving to Germany in 2003. Teresa was a graduate of Dobyns-Bennett High School in 1975. She worked for the City of Kingsport from 1987 to 2003. She was a talented artist.

Mrs. Light is preceded in death by her mother, Betty Light and her sisters, Judith Smith & Vanessa Webb.

Teresa Light is survived by her husband, Dr. Nils Hoffmann; her daughter, Cara Webster & her husband, Barry; a brother, Steve Light.

A memorial service will be conducted on Saturday (May 3, 2008) at 2 p.m. at Carter-Trent Funeral Home, Kingsport with Ed Clevenger, minister officiating.

You can post an online condolence to the family here.

Celebrating the Colors of Her Life

I believe in celebrating a life and what I will humbly attempt to do here is to celebrate the colors of her life that she shared with us. I did not have the pleasure of knowing her in the real world, but I appreciate her very much and feel so very honored and touched to have created a place for her to share her inspirations, passions and her heart... a place that will continue to share that and carry her love forward.

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Color Inspiration: Monsters and Dubious Characters II

Color Inspiration: Monsters and Dubious Characters II

I thought it was about time we revisited and shared some more of their wonderfully creative character designs. So to follow up from Color Inspiration: Monsters and Dubious Characters, here are 20 more characters and some examples of characters used in good graphic and web designs.

Creative Characters in Modern Web Designs

We've been seeing vector characters pop up as mascots for new web sites and they do a great job of adding a little extra personality to the sites. Smashing Magazine, showcases a dozen or so in their Isn’t it sweet? Mascots in Modern Web Design post. Here are just a few from that post:

Pasquale D’Silva - Darkmotion
Pasquale D’Silva - Darkmotion

Kent Pribbernow - Elitist Snob
Kent Pribbernow - Elitist Snob





20 Creative Characters from Mojizu

Senor Pecho    Senor Pecho
 Hometown  Erie Swaps across eastern america
 Likes  Singing David Bowie covers
 Dis-likes  american idol and moist fur
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More Color Pattern Love with New Styles

More Color Pattern Love with New Styles

Since launching the pattern maker four months ago, more than 85,000 patterns have been colored and shared on the site. We've been adding more pattern styles as fast as we can and now have 69 different pattern styles for you coloring pleasure. Here are some of the recently added pattern styles and an update for browsing similar designs.


imgPattern By: Pattern Head []

chaseAroundTheDesk waiting paisley
love sari blue paisley
Rajapur the 80's



imgPattern By: designfruit []

fossil remains Kyoto
dream fixed dream escape
Teatime Clock Japanese Print

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All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts

All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts

For the last 100 years or so kids have been exploring and creating worlds of color with Crayons. For a lot of us, our life long love affairs with color began with these wax sticks and a blank sheet of paper. According to a Yale University study, the scent of Crayola crayons is among the 20 most recognizable to American adults. Coffee and peanut butter are 1 and 2. Here we go down crayon color memory lane with all 120 color names and hex codes, fun facts and photos.

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Crowded Crayon Colors
Photo by Sir Fish

Crayola crayons currently come in 120 colors including 23 reds, 20 greens, 19 blues, 16 purples, 14 oranges, 11 browns, 8 yellows, 2 grays, 2 coppers, 2 blacks, 1 white, 1 gold and 1 silver. Although Crayola crayons come in 120 different colors, the labels are only made in 18, which cover the full color spectrum. Nearly 3 billion crayons are made each year, an average of 12 million daily. That's enough to circle the globe 6 times with color!

120 Crayon Names and Color Codes

Aaron at created a fun list of all 120 Crayon Colors with their hex codes and RGB values. "All of these colors are rough approximations from Crayola’s current list of 120 Crayon Colors. -CS"

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Webby Awards Best Community Nominee  x2

Webby Awards Best Community Nominee x2

Being nominated for a Webby is a huge honor for any web company, but for our small start-up to be nominated two years in a row makes us proud of our work and very grateful to our members who built the supportive community on the site. With our 1,000,000th user-named color projected to be uploaded sometime later this month, we’re happy to report that the love of color is alive and well!

COLOURlovers : Best Web Community Nomination

Webby Nomination From now through May 1st, you can vote for COLOURlovers in The Webby People’s Voice Awards. Make sure to vote and leave a comment to let people know how wonderful our community is. This nomination is as much for us as it is for you.

Click Here to Vote for COLOURlovers

Thank you for all your support and color love!
(I know a lot of you are members of StumbleUpon & Flickr, I myself am a loyal member of those sites... but it is hard to win a popularity contest when competing with sites that have millions of members, but you all are the most supportive and awesome members around... so maybe we have a chance.)

About the Webby Awards
Hailed as the "Oscars of the Internet” by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile Websites. The Webby Awards is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a 550-person judging academy whose members include Internet co-inventor Vinton Cerf, R/GA’s Chief Bob Greenberg, "Simpson's" creator Matt Groening, Arianna Huffington, and Harvey Weinstein.

The 12th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from over 60 countries and all 50 states. Only 15% of the entries were given an official honoree status and an even smaller number were put on the ballots as official nominees.

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COLOURlovers API Documentation and Showcase

COLOURlovers API Documentation and Showcase

With the release of the COLOURlovers API, you can now access 1.4 million named colors and more than 500,000 color palettes for your creative projects and applications. Creating a theme editor and want to give your users some color theme options? Creating a visual project that ties keywords to colors? Who knows what amazingly creative stuff people will come up with.

Below are two showcase examples of the COLOURlovers API in action as well as the full API documentation. Happy API COLOURloving!

COLOURlovers API Usage Showcase


Desktop Color Search - AIR App

Desktop Color Search is an Adobe AIR app that runs on your desktop and allows you to search the entire COLOURlovers database for colors, palettes and patterns. You'll need to download the Adobe AIR runtime in order to run Desktop Color Search, you can use the link below to install AIR. (It works in both Windows and on Mac OS X)
Special thanks to Levi McCallum at FutonMedia for coding the AIR app.

Download Desktop Color Finder  |  Download Adobe AIR



A simple interface to COLOURlover's deep, deep palette library, it creates randomized compositions using rectangular geometry drawn by the Degrafa drawing library.
Have some fun of your own color fun with Dekaf Lovers.

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