A Word to All Those Who Make Color Love Possible

A Word to All Those Who Make Color Love Possible

We want to take a short break and thank everyone who has helped us make this site such an awesome color resource and creative community.

The first and biggest group of people to thank would be You - our readers, members, lovers and friends. You've contributed so much amazing creativity and support to this site….Thank you for making this such a great and real community!

The second group would be the sponsors who’ve helped us keep the lights on here at COLOURlovers and who know we never put anything ahead of the community (Okay, there was a short spell a couple years back when we had some AdSense ads that weren't awesome.). Instead, we've chosen to partner with quality ad networks to present ads for relevant creative products and services.

A Summer of Love.

This site was literally a labor of love I started a few years ago that has continued to blossom. We're a startup that’s lucky to have a small team of passionate people who are happy to be part of the site and help me spread the love… Now we've got very big plans for the release of version 4 of COLOURlovers later this year... A major evolution of our community, features and tools.

This brings us to the next chapter in our story….We’re fortunate to be part of Dwell’s Publisher Network to keep the site moving forward. In this chapter, we have a bit more freedom to not only go the standard route of displaying solid banner ads with great creative whenever possible, but to also find ways to partner with relevant companies to connect them to the COLOURlovers community in a thoughtful and genuine way.

One of our first major partners is Full Sail University, which is working with us to spread the word about their Online MFA Program in Media Design. This is exactly the kind of quality partner we plan to work with in the future to really support great new features, contests and tools, etc.

How Can You Help?

We're here for you. We want to make this community the best place on the web for you, and we need your help to do it.

Firstly, we try our best to only share great companies with you, so taking a minute or two every once in a while to explore who's supporting the love.

-Do you like how we're partnering with a company, and do you want us to do more with them? Let us know.

-Are we not doing a good job on a partnership? Let us know.

Secondly, do you know of or work for a great company we should be partnering with? Drop us a note / let them know.

Thank you for making this such a wonderful community!
Darius aka COLOURlover

P.S. Header photo credit... Chris aka Pureform thanks you and approves of your awesomeness.

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RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Winners Announced

RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Winners Announced

One thing this community isn't short of is creativity around playing with color. Using our pattern tool to make designs for a RYZ shoe helped create more than 1,500 contest entries. As with any contest with so many great entries, choosing an overall winner was near impossible. We used your votes (more than 20,000) and our panel of judges to make the hard decision... and the winner is:

Suwaili by Darkstar

You can Pre-order the COLOURlovers shoe here.

Along with the grand COLOURlovers winner, there was also one original pattern winner:
Polygon Camo by MEKAZOO

This original pattern will be added to our library of patterns for your enjoyment.

Thanks to all our lovers for participating in this great contest. We look forward to working with RYZ more in the future and finding new and interesting ways to use our pattern maker to color your real lives.

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RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Voting Begins!

RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Voting Begins!

Well, we broke another contest entry record with the RYZ shoe design contest.  1,600 designs were submitted... awesome work.  Now comes the hard part of trying to find a winner from so many great designs.  This is where you spread the word about your designs and get your friends and family to vote for your shoe.  Good luck!

Remember, winner takes home the grand prize - $750 cash and $250 store credit to the RYZ shop - plus free sponsored memberships at COLOURlovers.

WINNER UPDATE: We'll be putting up a formal announcement of the winners... but after 20,000 votes, here they are:

The COLOURlovers Pattern Winning Shoe
Suwaili by Darkstar

The RYZ Pattern Winning Shoe
Polygon Camo by MEKAZOO


Details from RYZ

It was tough work, but with the help from our friends at COLOURlovers, we were able to find the Top 9 COLOURlovers pattern designs out of the over 1600 submitted. In keeping with our voting process, we are seeding the voting gallery - top 9 selected by our COLOURlovers Creative Panel are on page 1, then the top 9 selected by our internal RYZ team on page 2. All other designs are listed on following pages and have equal chance in winning.

With the onslaught of multiple designs submitted, we have created a new feature where you can remove an entry from the competition. For those who have entered more than 3 designs, we'll give you through the weekend to self-select your favorite three (you probably shouldn't remove your design if it's in the top 9) - after that we will go through and remove designs for you. Go to your Contest Portfolio and select the "X" to remove a design from the contest. It will be returned to your Personal Design Workspace.

Remember everyone has a chance at winning - post your shoe to your networks, invite your friends and vote often!

Good luck to all and thank you again to the COLOURlovers community!

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RYZ Shoe Design Contest: For The Love Of Patterns

RYZ Shoe Design Contest: For The Love Of Patterns

RYZ is a very cool design community from our local hood of Portland OR, and we're excited to be doing a joint contest with them around the patterns on our site.  It's easy.  All you have to do is color one of our pattern templates so that it makes an awesome shoe design and you could win $1,000.

For the Love of Patterns, RYZ & COLOURlovers invite you to design the FIRST PATTERN ONLY SHOE to be included in the RYZ Collection.

How To Enter

1. Use the COLOURlovers' Pattern Tool to create the best pattern on the block. (We put all the patterns we can use for this contest in one category in our pattern tool.)

2. Once you have your colors just right, publish the pattern to save it.

3. On the viewing page for your pattern cick the Download the RYZ Show Template button.

4. Save the template to your computer and then upload it on the RYZ site.

You can upload as many patterns as you want, so clear your calendar for the next week until June 30th when submissions end.

Voting begins July 1st and will end July 14th. The winner will be announced July 20th. Check here for more details.

Only 3 designs max. per participant can make it into the final round - the voting cycle. 18 designs will make it into the voting round and only 1 will take home the grand prize - $750 cash and $250 store credit to the RYZ shop - plus free sponsored memberships at COLOURlovers.

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Colorful Business Cards from Moo + COLOURlovers

Colorful Business Cards from Moo + COLOURlovers

Moo loves print and we love color... so naturally something great will come from us getting together. That awesomely colorful goodness are the new standard and mini sized card packs they just added to their store: COLOURlovers Ready Made Design Packs featuring some great palettes from our site. If you want to mix and match your own pack you can Make a Custom Pack too.

We looked at the top palettes from the last year as well as through some of our widths groups to get a great assortment of width palettes for the new packs. I'll work on adding a list of all the palettes used in the next few days so you can see all the palettes here.

This Is Not A Rainbow

Along with the palettes they've added a design pack of This Is Not A Rainbow. I made a t-shirt with a couple of these designs last year and it's been fun seeing how people react. If it isn't blue, what is it? I think it's a bit "cloudless sky." These cards are fun for sparking conversation about the thing you love and for reminding people that colors are whatever they want them to be. Yellow? Nah... "Man in a Chicken Suit." Green? Nope... "Your Breath Smells Like Grass."
This Is Not A Rainbow :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards


Dreaming in Green

Dreaming in Green :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards


City Slicker

City Slicker :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards



Retro :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards


Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards


Perfectly Pink

Perfectly Pink :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards



Classic :: Moo Cards
Get Them: Business Cards OR MiniCards


Card Love

Have you ordered some Moo + COLOURlovers cards? Take a photo of them and let me know where it is in the comments below so I can add them to the gallery.

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A Little Love Goes a Long Way... Webby Awards Best Community Nominee 3rd Year in a Row'

A Little Love Goes a Long Way... Webby Awards Best Community Nominee 3rd Year in a Row'

Third time's the charm? Wow! It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an awesome community.  This is the 3rd year in a row we've been nominated for Best Community in the Webby Awards (The Oscars of the Internet).  First time it was huge validation for our idea... Second time it was proof that the first wasn't just a fluke... and this time it totally confirms that you all are the best bunch of people on the internet.

But, We Need Your Help

There is a People's Voice Award that you can participate in and help us win. Here's the catch, we're competing against some wonderful communities... One in particular has won this award the last 2 years we competed against them, oh and they have 20+ million members! We have 0.2 million members... we're going to need to really work hard to make this happen. I've seen how passionate, creative and supportive you all are... We can do it.

Obviously, we're going to need to reach out from just this community to the other communities we're in. Our friends & family, social networks, blogs, profiles, groups, clubs, etc. There is a reason you love this site as much as you do and I want you to share that love with others... lots of them!

How to Share the Love

First thing is to vote for COLOURlovers and leave a short comment on our entry page:

Voting: http://pv.webbyawards.com/ballot/home/1/567/581

Commenting: http://pv.webbyawards.com/nominee/entry/470
(Adding tags is good too: community, design, love, creative, color, inspiration )

Then, you can help us spread the word by sharing the message below on twitter, facebook, myspace, sidewalks, cake frosting, etc. Every little bit helps!

Please help @COLOURlovers in the Webbys: Vote http://bit.ly/3XmRb0 & Comment http://bit.ly/14CrNF (Thanks for sharing the love!)

Feel free to grab this banner and link too:
COLOURlovers Webby

Again, You're Awesome

We are a thriving creative community where millions of people each month come to get creative inspiration or share some of their ideas with others... and we have so little hating, trolling and all around putting down of others. That is a very rare thing on the web.  Occasionally I step in and edit a conversation that starts heading off in a direction... but overall, you all just police yourselves and stay in a positive and supportive space.  Thank you all so much.

And we're just getting started.  COLOURlovers started as a fun idea I had one weekend and with all of you it has grown into this wonderful resource over the past 3 years... but there is a much bigger plan for sharing the color love and we're just getting started with putting that plan into action.  Thank you for helping us get to where we are today and for sharing the dream of where we can go.

Thank you. Much love & appreciation.

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Happy Hue Year!  Looking Back on 2008...

Happy Hue Year! Looking Back on 2008...

Hello COLOURlovers, I wanted to send you some new year wishes and to look back on a very interesting 12 months.  COLOURlovers has grown a lot in the last year, enjoyed some very nice praise and has survived through some tough economic times.  Thank you for sharing the love and for helping make this site such a creative, supportive and strong community.

Some Stats from 2008:

1,012,479 Colors Named
429,261 Palettes Added
321,434 Patterns Added
954,460 Comments Posted
7.5 Million visitors from around the world came to COLOURlovers.

Some of the Recognition We Received in 2008:

TIME's Top 50 Sites of 2008

Webby Awards: Best Community Site Nominee (2nd Year in a Row)

Webvisionary Awards: Best of Show, Best Community, Best Web Application

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2008:

As Seen By The Color Blind
1,000 (Colorful) Places to See Before You Die
All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts
Nudibranchs, The Most Colorful Creatures in the World
50 Colorful Wallpapers: Full Spectrum Love
Unusual Color Wheels Found in Life and Art
The Color of Money from Around the World

Hard Times Ahead

This will be a tough year for websites that survive on ad income.  We've already seen a friend & fellow creative community, JPG magazine say goodbye. We're aware of the pain this financial crunch will put us in as we already limit the amount of money we try and squeeze out of your eyeballs.  You can support COLOURlovers and help us continue to build this great community by becoming a sponsor, and continuing to share the color love with your friends and family.

It is a challenge for the small team that runs this site to keep it growing and evolving as fast as our great members would like, but we hope some partnerships get realized early in the new year which will allow us to keep the limited amount of quality advertising we have on the site, and still get the resources we need to continue making COLOURlovers all that it can be.  I have some very big plans and with your help I can see this site being an even more amazing resource for anyone looking for a bit of color inspiration... or just a little love.

A Year Filled with COLOURlove

For those keeping track, this is usually the time of year we release a new version of the COLOURlovers site... but because of the way things have been going economically, we had to push version 4 of the site off a bit... perhaps we'll get it all ready for a Valentines Day COLOURlove-Fest.

We'll continue to work hard adding in new features to the site and promise to give you some big developments in 2009.  It's going to be a big challenge to give you all what we have planned, but I promise that if you keep up your wonderful support and don't stop sharing the love... we'll keep striving to make this the best creative place on the internet.

To another wonderful year together. Happy COLOURloving.  Thank you.

-Darius (COLOURlover)

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33 Masters of CG Art: Awesome Digital Inspiration

33 Masters of CG Art: Awesome Digital Inspiration

Digital art is becoming hyper realistic, not just in duplicating real scenes life but also in painting vivid pictures of what fantasy worlds would look like. Feature films and the exploding world of video games are beginning to show what talent, creativity and hard work can produce with CG... Expect even more mind blowing creations to be reaching you on the big screen and in your consoles soon.

I love showcasing the work of creative people and the work below caught my eye as I was browsing the community over at CG Hub. As a COLOURlover, I especially appreciate how the use of color can dramatically affect the mood or energy of art...

Many of the images below have been cropped from much bigger images. Make sure to click through to see the artwork at high-res and full glory.

CG Art from CG Hub
Asian Suburbia by AndreeWallin

CG Art from CG Hub
Alien Abduction by Stahlberg

CG Art from CG Hub
Wood of Light by MaximeDesmettre

CG Art from CG Hub
Gopher Broke by Fowltown

CG Art from CG Hub
Study of Verity Jane by Lucong

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Color of Music: Interview With Eluvium

Color of Music: Interview With Eluvium

We all find inspiration in many different things, all five of our senses can inspire... but I find I am most inspired by music. The audio environments that Matthew Cooper aka Eluvium creates are the perfect places for my mind to go wandering.

I immediately bought two albums on iTunes and reached out to Matthew who happens to live in my home town of Portand (I was in Georgia when I heard his music) and he was nice enough to trade some emails with me about what inspires him and what colors his music is.

CL: General Bio... Who you are, how you got started, why you keep making music, what inspires you most... any other bits you'd like to include.

matthew_cooper_eluvium.jpgMC: I keep making music because although I love everything about existence sound is the one thing that never gets old to me. I have a bit of a nervous personality -- I'm rather anti-social because of it. When I'm creating music all of that goes away and I find myself awash in colors and thoughts and feelings all over the map -- like a warm bath.

Here is a copy of my bio:

Born in Tennessee and raised in Louisville, KY, Matthew Cooper relocated to Portland, OR several years back and has since spent many a night holed up in his house transforming the vibrations in his brain into sweeping walls of elegant noise. With a depth ranging from fragile to glacial, he takes dense layers of guitars, piano, strings and brass, and builds them into an awe-inspiring fortress around himself. Resting comfortably and confidently in the spirits of Brian Eno's most accomplished ambient pieces, and gaining comparisons to Kevin Shields, Fennesz, Rachel's, and Sigur Ros, Eluvium is a freakishly beautiful affair. Following a string of increasingly remarkable albums, Matthew has set out to broaden his instrumental palette, while maintaining the uncanny emotional resonance that has become his trademark.

Influences: nature, literature, city planning, walking, science.
-Photo by rEvseev

Radio Ballet by Eluvium

COLOURlovers: Can you generally describe your style of music?... looking for your words, not so much the generic ambient / acoustic genre sort of thing.

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Fractal Art: Complex and Beautiful Color Inspiration

Fractal Art: Complex and Beautiful Color Inspiration

Even though I hate math... I love what can be created using geometric patterns. While there seems to be many different styles of art that fit under the umbrella name of a Fractal, what I found when I went looking for more information about them was a treasure trove of amazing art. Make sure to click the images below to see the entire fractals in all their wonder. Thanks to manekineko for starting the conversation in the forum that inspired this post.

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A fractal is generally "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole,"[1] a property called self-similarity. The term was coined by Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975 and was derived from the Latin fractus meaning "broken" or "fractured."

20 Beautiful Fractal Artworks

Fractal Art
Fractal by mailart-org

Fractal Art
Fractal by mailart-org

Fractal Art
Fractal by Lynn (Gracie's mom)

Fractal Art
Fractal by mailart-org

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