Creating A Home Gym: What You Need To Think About

home gym

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, or an outbuilding with plenty of space, then it’s likely you’ve often debated exactly what to do with it. It’s a decision that can cause arguments amongst family members, with some of you wanting a home cinema, others a games room, while the fitness freaks will undoubtedly want to turn it into a home gym.


In the case of the latter, it can be hugely beneficial to your health, making it easier to work out, as well as offer an escape to workout and relieve any tension or anxieties.


Home gyms can be so important for people’s physical fitness and mental health these days, with exercise a key cog in everything from improving mood to even illness and addiction recovery, with many residential rehab centres encouraging patients to get a gym membership or home setup to help with keeping recovery on track.


Of course, it doesn’t just apply to people suffering with various illnesses or addictions, though and a home gym can be beneficial for absolutely everyone. But what exactly should you have in it, and what do you need to think about?

What exercises do you enjoy?

Firstly, space will be more limited than what you would find in a public gym, so you do need to make decisions on what equipment you have in it. Therefore, you need to understand what exercises and machines you enjoy.


Gym equipment can be expensive, therefore there’s no point spending thousands upon thousands on machines you’re never going to use. Write a list of what you use most often and use that as a starting point.

Get the essentials

There are essentials you will also need, and every gym should have them. They’ll typically take up minimal space, with the following popular among home gymmers…


  • Dumbbells
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Resistence Bands
  • Exercise Mat

Inspiration & Wall Art

Decorating your room is also a must. While you’ll want to keep colours relatively neutral to avoid any stress and promote a sense of calm, you may want to decorate your home gym with inspirational material.


That could range from motivational quotes, to images of iconic sporting moments, while a good thing to keep on your wall is also a calendar or diary for you to log your workouts. This will allow you to track progress and ensure that your home gym is actually working for you.

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