How Do Toddler Sizes Work?

Despite the rich range of clothes, it can be very difficult to choose the right outfit. The problem is especially relevant if the wardrobe is selected with the help of online shopping or visiting ordinary stores but in the absence of a son or daughter. And the problem is in choosing the right size.

If you are shopping for toddler clothing in The Trendy Toddlers store, not to make a mistake, it is worth measuring the child's parameters. We are going to provide you with tips on the right measurements and how to make the right choice of size.


How to make measurements

The procedure for taking measurements depends entirely on the age of the child. Until the baby starts walking, only two parameters are needed for the correct selection of wardrobe elements - height and chest girth.

At the age of 1-3, a toddler learns to walk, which means that new measuring possibilities appear.

Breast volume and height are still essential parameters. To measure the height, you need to ask your kid to stand next to a wall or a door jamb. After that, mark the level point on the top of the head with a marker or sticker. Next, measure the height.

Up to about four years of age, children hardly differ in complexion from their peers. There is only a slight height difference. However, individual genetic features should also be taken into account.

If the baby is chubby or, on the contrary, small for the age, it is necessary to measure not only the height and volume of the chest but also the volume of the hips and abdomen on exhalation.

Therefore, the selected size of children's clothing should not prevent the natural flow of oxygen.

How to measure a preschooler

From the age of 4-5, children show individual anatomical features related to:

  • genetics;
  • hormonal background;
  • eating habits;
  • metabolic rate.

Therefore, the size grid for children of these age groups is very wide. Now the measurements needed for selecting clothes have the same algorithm as measurements for adults.

To find out the appropriate sizes, the child is dressed in thin underwear (underpants, T-shirt, shirt) and placed on a flat surface. Most often, in addition to height, it is necessary to measure the length of:

  • the entire outfit you are going to buy;
  • sleeves;
  • pants.

Another value that you need to know to choose comfortable pants or trousers is the depth of the fit. You should also not forget about the volume of the hips, waist, and chest.


Size Chart

After you have made the right measurements, refer to a size chart to select the size of outfits correctly.

AgeHeight, inchesWeight, lbs
12 Month28 - 29-1/219-1/2 - 22
18 Month30 - 31-1/222-1/2 - 26
24 Month32 - 33-1/226-1/2 - 30
2T32 - 33-1/226-1/2 - 30
3T34 - 37-1/230-1/2 - 34
4T38 - 41-1/234-1/2 - 38
5T42 - 44-1/238-1/2 - 42

The controversy of 24M and 2T

As you have noticed, there are two sizes for the same parameters — 24M and 2T. And sometimes this confuses parents. However, in fact, it is quite easy to make a choice. 24M is for toddlers who are smaller than their peers in size and are not yet good enough with their potty matters. While 2T should be selected for toddlers who no longer need diapers. You will also notice that the design of these clothes is different.

Final words

It is crucial to note that every vendor of clothes works with different manufacturers, and they might have different grids and various tolerances. So, if it is the first time you are making an order on a particular website, we recommend finding out the terms of a possible exchange and returning if you make the wrong choice of the size. More so, based on your experience of several orders from a particular vendor, you will be able to understand if their outfits are smaller or larger than provided in the size chart.

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