3 Colours that Improve Concentration & Writing Productivity

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If only humans were highly organized intellectual creatures resilient to any adversaries and distractions. But, unfortunately (or luckily), we’re quite the opposite. Buzzing fly, bright smartphone screen, neighbor sounds – any little thing divert our attention elsewhere. Smart advice that helps focus on the important tasks usually includes meditation, time blocking, Pomodoro technique, etc. Surprisingly, we can use something omnipresent from our surroundings to our benefit. Colors. Not only do we tend to turn our eyes to the bright vivid colors, but also our brain is wired to react in a specific way to some colors. Why not use it to be more productive and concentrated on such intellectual tasks as reading or writing? Let’s explore what colors would work best for students.

  1. Green Color

Tree leaves, soft lawn grass, fields of wheat. Various shades of green come to mind when thinking about symbols of calm, peace, serenity, and open horizon. Even talking about all these amazing images in green can slow down heartbeat and breathing.

The green color is proven to help with anxiety and overstimulation. That is why walking in nature is recommended as a part of mindfulness practices and post-operation recoveries.  One can enjoy the amazing benefits of the green color palette both in real outdoors and inside. Yes, there are more ways to surround yourself with this soothing color than moving closer to a forest:

  Choose complementary paint colors for your apartment or office. Combination of darker shades with lighter sage or brighter olive would work great as a concentration booster and interior design staple too.

  Remove window covers where possible. Having a few minutes of relaxation brings results if you’re looking at plants outside.

  Or you can create your own urban jungle inside if you’re ready to take care of home greenery.

  Make a habit of walking at least for 5-10 minutes through the park or simply under the trees. This would ensure a daily dose of nature bliss you’d need to restore your reserves.

Green color around you helps with concentration and raises productivity. Some activities and professions require more of that. It is possible to suspect that the best dissertation service writers have an office in the park or forest. Most probably, though, they just know the tricks we’ve shared with you.

  1. Deep Blue

If a sea of green crops in a field has a competitor in terms of serenity, it is an actual sea or ocean of blue waters. Despite the fact, that big water is equally eye-catching and intimidating, many people would call blue color the most calming of all.

It is important to note, that the effects of colors strongly depend on individual characteristics and subjective perception. To check if the deep blue would work as a concentration booster, look for your associations with the color. If you imagine a stormy sea, this color palette would probably not fit into your personality choices.

Research has shown that the blue color is usually calming and helps focus on a task. At the same time, blue shades work best with creative activities.

  1. Yellow or Orange

The least expected color suggestion, but totally worthy of talking about. Red is commonly known as an aggressive color associated with danger and a need to run. But its closest relatives, orange and yellow, have a much more subtle effect.

Yellow is a mood-booster but mainly helps with focusing on the tasks at hand. Probably because of quite powerful presence in any volume. Imagine a room in neutral colors and a splash of yellow, a chair, or a sofa. Attention would immediately go there. One can use this trick for studying too. Just select a yellow highlighter for your class books and notes.

Orange is rather an energizer but also an attention-keeper, the same as yellow. It is bright, looks like taking more place than it does, and helps with creative activities. The strong presence of orange somewhat pushes for more bold ideas and examples in your writing.

The crucial fact about these two colors is that both are warm shades. It means good news for all willing to paint their apartment or a house in this bright palette. Yellow is usually associated with the sun and has mostly positive carefree connotations. And orange is more energetic, sometimes reminding us of fire.

Effects of colors are long known for their power to alter moods, boost cognitive processes, and manage attention. It is a useful tool to consider if you’re looking for ways to improve your concentration and raise productivity as a student, business owner, or employee. Personal preferences and taste would prevail in favoring some color schemes over others. But still, there are colors close to universal acceptance as effective mood-managing tools. Choose your or an intriguing combination to ensure higher productivity.

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