Flower Color Meanings and Symbolism Explained

flower color meanings

We all know that colors have been used for centuries to exhibit various emotions, ranging from sad to happy and enthusiastic to romantic. In fact, many colors can sway your thinking and change perspectives.

But did you know every flower is also associated with special meanings and symbols based on its color? For example, red roses. Everybody knows that red roses are the ultimate expression of love and romance. That’s why people love to choose them on Valentine’s Day to express their feelings.

The special color of the flower also tells us about the message we want to convey, as sometimes it’s not about the type of flower, but a color that helps us understand what the sender wants to say.

To comprehend the emotional message of flowers, it is necessary to understand what each flower color expresses and symbolizes.

So, if you want to know which flower color represents love, healing, loss, sadness, and hope, then make sure you understand the language of flowers and their colors to learn their hidden meanings and symbols.

Pink Flowers:

Pink has been associated with femininity, which means giving pink flowers to a lady is the prettiest gesture that expresses your true feelings for her.

Pink flowers are the symbols of happiness, peace, tranquility, and gentility. Regardless of their type and shape, pink flowers are the most beautiful choice for every occasion. Though they are not as intense as deep red flower colors, they still convey your affection, kindness, and gentleness. Especially on Mother’s Day, you can surprise your mother with pink lilies that represent unconditional motherly love.

Yellow Flowers:

Yellow flowers are probably the most beautiful ones that are usually given to friends and close family members. This flower represents long-lasting friendship, kindness, and filial love.

These flowers also represent trust, dignity, compassion, kindness, and respect. For all these particular reasons, yellow flowers are considered popular, as they can also be given to your colleagues as a token of appreciation.

Yellow flowers also communicate vibrance, radiance, and sympathy. When you send these flowers to someone, they simply show your love, warmth, and compassion. You can also renew your ties of friendship with old friends who you are not in contact with, or send them to colleagues who are going through some difficult times.

Sending yellow daffodils is also a perfect option for friends. Similarly, yellow lilacs and chrysanthemums are also thoughtful choices that bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

Lavender Flowers:

Lavender flowers have a very delicate and sweet smell, and they are associated with grace, love, delicacy, and elegance.

These flower colors also represent calmness and purity and have been frequently used in different celebrations and ceremonies. Lavender flowers are linked to perfect health and happiness. Since they are widely used in natural remedies and essential oils, manufacturers also use them for making soaps, facial masks, and different spa products.

Orange Flowers:

Many people love to decorate orange flowers in their garden. Why? They make the place feel peppy, cool, energetic, and active.

Another fact is that orange flowers represent happiness, joy, smiles, and enthusiasm. They represent positive energy. So, when you give orange flowers to someone, it means you are wishing them positive vibes. This happy color looks very cool when arranged with other flowers in a bouquet.

The beautiful and bold orange color also represents warmth and comfort, making them an excellent choice for wishing someone a speedy recovery.

Red Flowers:

As mentioned above, red flowers are associated with true love, romance, and passion. They are an expression of love. So, if you want to profess love to someone special, surprise them with a bunch of red flowers to get “yes” in the answer!

That’s the reason why red flowers are quite high in demand during the Valentine’s season and Christmas occasions. Red flowers are known for their deep love, but they also symbolize courage, faith, respect, and loyalty.

Red flowers have various types, meanings, and symbols. You can choose the flower type according to your recipient’s preferences. For example, red poppies represent remembrance, red roses denote love and romance, and tulips symbolize intense love.

White Flowers:

If you want to convey a message of peace, calmness, and purity, then sending white flowers is a great choice.

This flower color is associated with rebirth, peace, innocence, and purity. The flower color also represents virtue and is widely used in bridal bouquets. When it comes to paying tribute to someone or showing sympathy, white flowers are the ultimate choice.

Moreover, if you want to decorate your home or garden with sophisticated blooms, white flowers can nicely brighten up your space. You can also add fall or winter colors such as green, blue, or pink to the white bouquet to make it look more stylish and luxurious.

On different occasions, including funerals, white carnations, white orchids, white lilies, and white daisies are incredible to give someone.

Blue Flowers:

Have you ever given blue flowers to someone? If not yet, then consider the idea because giving someone blue flowers is a unique choice. For example, blue hydrangea and iris offer tranquility and serenity. These flowers also have a very charming effect.

Blue flowers also have the ability to create a contemplative mood. The flowers speak of intimacy and are the best anniversary gift for couples who want to express their deep love for each other uniquely.

What are your favorite flower colors?

When you don’t know how to describe your feelings and what to say to your dear ones, say them with flowers. But make sure you choose the relevant flower colors that convey the right message to your recipient.

Understanding the meanings of flower colors isn’t very necessary, but if you want to add more value to your gift, then remember that your simple arrangement can look more meaningful with proper color choice.

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