Three Key Web Design Trends For 2022

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2022 is upon us, and like all elements of business, fashion, technology and beyond, trends are ever changing when it comes to web design.


Across 2021 we were constantly seeking out what experts were saying when it comes to the trends of the next year, and now we’re here. Ready and waiting to be adopted by websites across the globe.


Interestingly, web design will often follow the pattern of what people are seeking in the “real world”, and that’s no different today. At present we’re living in a crazy and unpredictable world, with people desperately looking for solace, security and calm, and that’s largely what we expect to see in web design.


Many brands are already adopting features and styles that recognise that, with professional website building platform Duda offering a range of templates that focus more deeply on the content itself. While others are becoming more interactive than ever before. But what are the three key web trends we expect to see in 2022?

More Immersive Content

We spend more time looking at content on our smartphones than ever before. In fact, Statista have reported that we on average spend around 155 minutes on our smartphones per day. This will be covering a large range of things, from gaming and entertainment, to business, but either way it means that sites have to be more immersive than ever before to ensure you keep eyes on your site.


Take a retail business for example, there is a constant strive to make the experience online more like an in-store experience, and technology is allowing sites to be more immersive than ever before. Augmented reality is one of the most high tech ways of doing this, with the likes of IKEA having already adopted it. However, there are also simpler ways, and it could be just adding a more interactive gallery or a higher definition zoom function. Additionally, the ability to rotate and see a product in full on a page is another method we’ll see more and more in 2022.

Typography that Prioritises Content

The way typography is used in websites is always changing, and that we are sure to see again in 2022. Over the next year we’re expecting to see typography trying to draw more and more attention to the content.


This will largely be done through motion. By strategically developing your type to move towards your desired content, you can stand out from the crowd and lead people to your main bulk of content and selling points efficiently and effectively.


This isn’t a tactic you should be employing hugely across your site, but rather in key areas in which you wish your readers, or prospective buyers, to focus.

Line Art Backgrounds

Similarly, you can also do this with the backgrounds you are using. We see trends in backgrounds change all the time. At one point, less was more, and at others more was less. The experimentation in backgrounds will always be there.


For 2022, though, we’re seeing an increase in line art coming from top designers. Not only does it suit the wider styles of the modern day, it can also be useful in directing people to the content you want them to focus on. People will typically follow the lines, while it will be clear from the offset that if the lines are pointing in one direction, no matter how subtle the eyes will naturally move in that direction. It’s here you put your key information, selling points, or whatever you want to lead the focus on a page. It’s a simple, yet effective tactic that we’re going to see more and more of this year.

Author: JanusGP