iconic car colors

iconic car colors

Look around your home, walk down your street, move around your neighborhood, trying to guess the personality of people from their cars, and see if you are accurate.

Sometimes, the color of a car can be the most important thing about the car after the model and the specs. This is why automotive makers pay special attention to what colors their products come out in so much that it has become something of a competition. One of the reasons for this is because sometimes, the color of your car can say a lot about you. If your car is red, the general assumption is that you are very energetic and outgoing, if it is gold or green or a mixture of both, the assumption is that you are happy or joyful; if it is orange, creative; blue, confident or calm and all of these are natural generic colors that can be found anywhere. What happens when you are sporting one of the limited edition cars that come in very limited colors?

The answer is simple. You ooze confidence. Everyone that sees you in your car is envious of you; your friends want to be you and your co-workers think the world of you. Below is a list of 7 most iconic car colors that have ever been created in the automotive industry and have come to stay with us in no certain order.


A car is just not complete without its color. It is one of the few ways an automotive brand can have an edge over all other automotive brands and since it’s big reveal in 2016 with the Clio RS 16, the Renault liquid yellow color is clearly a jaw-dropping color that will definitely not look as good on any other car as it does on the Renault. This shiny color of the Renault which is an example of an artistic painting sets it apart from any other car that’s around it within a 100 miles radius. Although this color is eye-catching, it is not too bright at all.


Even if you don’t know how to drive, the BMW’s Estoril blue art will make you want to ride down to the grocery store in an E36 M3 all day. Luckily for you, you can always take the EDT Driving Lessons classes   to develop all the skills you need to become a great driver. The color like every other shade of blue showcases a rare elegance that cannot be found in any other shade of blue. The Estoril blue manages to showcase the BMW’s flair for extraordinary design while still managing to retain its air of luxury. The color is capable of lending the driver of the automobile an air of uncommon sophistication. This color is the perfect example of the saying that sometimes brighter isn’t better.


My personal favorite of this shade is the matte black which is a very recent addition into the black family with its seemingly dull-like hue, beauty, and sense of sophistication. A black automobile of this color can also lend an air of power and mystery to the driver. Every car in this color looks so good and expensive in an effortless manner no matter the brand. So you can revamp your old car that you are already tired of today by having the paint job redone to matte black, and it will come out looking way better than you can imagine. Black has that very dynamic power.


This is Ferrari’s brand elegant addition to the color red. This color is so outspoken and elegant that to get a Ferrari in any other color than this color is regarded as treason. It is also one of the very few colors that has ever been created in the automotive industry to get an identity for itself that is different from that of the brand of car that it originated from or from any other car brand that it is likely to be painted on. Do yourself a favor today, paint your car the Rosso Corsa or get a Ferrari in this exact color and risk looking extremely confident and outgoing to the people who know you.


When car buyers get tired of buying cars in the same old dull generic colors that can be found virtually everywhere, automobile factories have to go out of their way to create a sensational color that is both perfect for the taste of their consumer’s and can give them leverage over all others. This is the story of the Dodge’s Sublime Green color from the first generation of the Dodge Challengers. The Dodge brand uses different pigment of the color green with a dash of yellow and probably white to bring us a rare mix of colors. This color is available in the 1970 Dodge Charger, the Plymouth, Coronet, Monaco, and Polara. If you are impressed by these cars, you can take one of the best driving lessons available to learn more about them. Sub-lime Green has also made a recent come back to the market this 2019 Chicago Auto Show with a new release of the Dodge Challenger and Charger.


With an expert blend of silver, gray and white, the only car this color reminds us of are the Aston Martin DB5, DB6 and DB7 series in the 60s. Although the Aston Martin brand itself is not a rand to overlook in terms of producing vehicles that have very high capacities, the color and the models were promoted by the on-screen antics of a popular British agent with a preference for Martinis. Recently, there has be talks of Aston Martin trying to revive this DB6 model back with better capacities than before.


This color looks like the Honda Championship White but it is not. The Ford’s Ermine white color brand is modeled after the Lotus Cortina. This color is very cool on cars without looking so cool as to be dubbed dull and it is extremely perfect for people who are not into very bright colors.


Every year, more iconic colors than the ones that are on this list keep getting introduced to the market and this is partly all thanks to DuPont. A designer who hosts a show every year to showcase his newly developed car colors to automobile companies.

Author: JanusGP