Important Points to Consider While Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-480 Certification Exam



Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is majorly an IT company that provides the software and hardware to a lot of other companies around the globe. The products created by Microsoft are used extensively by the companies as well as users. Having a career in Microsoft or any company that uses Microsoft software is a huge opportunity for any person who wants to make a career as a software developer. Most of the people know that to work for the companies that offer Microsoft services, the candidate needs to have certain certifications that are provided to them by Microsoft themselves. These certifications are proof that the candidate is eligible to give the exam and can further work as a developer for Microsoft. One such certification that is an absolute necessity is MCSA: Web Applications certification. This certification is for the people who deal in Web applications development.

If you are a web developer and are looking for a better career in the field of web development, Microsoft Certified Solutions AssociateWeb Applications Certification is for you. However, the Microsoft 70-480 (Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3) exam that you will need to pass to get this certification is quite tough and needs a lot of preparation. In this article, we have explained some of the important points to keep in mind while giving this exam.

Explain Microsoft 70-480 Certification Exam

General overview of Microsoft 70-480 certification examshows that this is a test for the candidates to prove that they have certain skills that are needed for implementing and manipulating document structure and object, implementing program flow, accessing and securing data and Using CSS3 in applications. All these technical tasks that will be required in Microsoft 70-480 exam.

What Is The:


  • Eligibility Criteria


There are no set eligibility criteria to sit for Microsoft 70-480 certification exam. However, people who have some experience in the HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript will be able to score higher in 70-480 exam. The age limit to sit for this exam, however, is 18 plus years.


  • Fee


The students have to pay a fee of $115 to sit for Microsoft 70-480 exam. The pricing might differ according to each country. Additionally, there is some relaxation on pricing given to the candidates who are already a part of Microsoft or are associated with it in some or the other way.


  • Syllabus


The syllabus of Microsoft 70-480 certification exam will include four major topics and they are as follows:

  • Implement program flow;
  • Implement and manipulate document structure and objects;
  • Use CSS3 in applications;
  • Access and secure data.


These are the major topics that are covered in the exam and most of the questions in the exam are asked from these topics only.


  • Exam Pattern


Microsoft 70-480 exam will have an estimate of 40-50 questions. The number of questions is not fixed by Microsoft and hence, there is no guarantee how many questions will be asked in the exam. The students are given about two hours to finish the entire paper. All the candidates are required to get a passing score of 700 in 1000 to qualify for this certification. Most of the questions asked in the exam are multiple choice questions that come in different types.


  • Target Audience


The target audience for taking the exam is:

  • Developers who have about a year-long experience in the development of HTML using Java on different platforms.
  • People with good knowledge of managing program flow and events, validating data and working with data collection, working with prototypes and methods and much more.
  • People who are working in the companies that require them to get Microsoft Web Applications certified or the ones who are trying to get a job at Microsoft of its partner companies.


What Study Material Do You Need?

There is a wide variety of study material that is available both online and offline for the students preparing for 70-480 exam. This material is either free or can be bought at some minimum prices from the authentic websites. It is better to always buy the study material from the websites that have been approved by Microsoft or you might end up getting false study material.

  • Self-Study Books;
  • Online Courses;
  • Free Material;
  • Practice Papers;
  • One on One Classes.


You can choose ExamSnap practice test questions for your preparation, depending on your time and pace.

Points to Consider While Preparing

Some of the points that the candidates should consider while preparing for Microsoft 70-480 exam are:


  • Solving the practice papers is extremely important if you want to score better in the exam. Hence make it a point to solve at least one practice paper every day or every alternate day.
  • The candidates should make sure that they get some kind of practical experience in the given topics before they sit for the exam.
  • Be thorough with your preparation and make sure you read the syllabus that is given on the website properly.
  • Make sure that you only register for this exam when you are completely sure of your preparation.



Points to Consider While Giving Exam

During Microsoft 70-480 exam, keep the following things in mind:

  • Do not waste your time in answering the questions that you do not know or do not understand. Leave those questions and answer them when you have time at the end of the paper.
  • Make sure you solve all the questions since there is no negative marking and if the question you attempted as a guess is correct, you will get some marks.
  • Carry all your documents to the centre so that you do not miss out on the opportunity of giving this exam.

Microsoft 70-480 certification exam is very important to have a successful career as a Microsoft Developer. Hence make sure that you prepare well for it and do not sit for the exam unless you are completely ready.

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