Ben O'Brien: Who is Ben The Illustrator?

The first artist in our "Featured artist" series is Ben The Illustrator!

Ben started exploring the world of illustration more than ten years ago. If someone knows what it means to be earning a living as a self-employed artist/business owner, he's the one to ask!



He currently specializes in travel and indoors illustrations but his portfolio is full of various work - from editorial illustrations to package designs. The colors he uses in his art are vivid and joyful and make his work easily recognizable.



Originally focusing on animation, Ben has always been obsessed with creating colourful things.  His first work was making independent music videos, which grew into creative direction on children's TV and advertising before an epiphany lead him to discover that illustration was the path for him.  Since then he has illustrated ad campaigns for Smart Cars and Berri Fruit Juice in Australia, worked on editorials for The Guardian, The New York Times and Buzzfeed, and created illustrations for everything from shoes to coffee packaging, record sleeves to X-Box Games.



He illustrates places; from cafe interiors and work spaces to busy cities and national landmarks.  He is hugely inspired by travel, the culture of people going from one place to the next and the changing nature, architecture and lighting.  His key inspirations have always been colourful, Pop Art and Graffiti, food packaging, pop music videos, street wear, Mid Century textiles and furniture and futuristic architecture.



Ben did an interesting research this year about illustrators, who they are, what they do, and how much they really earn. The results might surprise you. For all interested to find out more, check out this infographic on his website.

Connect with Ben on social media: TwitterInstagram

What inspires you about Ben's art? The unique simplicity of his artwork that has the power to say more with less? Is it the beautiful color combinations he uses? Let us know in the comments.

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