12 Natural Colour Palettes to Try This Month: March 2018

The colour choices we make influence our life on a daily basis. Every colour bares a message, it makes us feel relaxed, happy, energized and safe or insecure and hungry. The choices we make while creating our pieces of art also send a message about how we feel at that precise moment and what we want to share with the world.

Don't be scared to experiment, try new challenges, think of new ways how to use colour and how to combine it in your designs.

We suggest you try some of these 'natural' palettes inspired by the most beautiful part of our being: the eyes, both human and animal eyes.

Let us see if you dare. Let us know how it went.

Post pieces of art that you created inspired by March colour palettes in the comments below. Post them on Instagram (#colourlovers) and Twitter (@colourlovers).

Create, share and inspire each other


1. Blue lagoon



2. Magical sunset glare



3. Everything there is to know



4. Change is on the way



5. Breathing strength



6. Something to say



7. Togetherness



8. Gladly silent



9. Close to nature



10. Be like one



11. Someone is always watching



12. Colourful hug


Which one is your favorite? Which one made you laugh? Which one inspired you?






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These are all very nice palettes! Inspires me!
Thank you!
So glad you like it Suruha! Which one do you like the best? :)
I’m trying to learn to color detailed eyes, so those images inspired me, but #9 Close to Nature was my palette. Probably because I’m a lover of trees and that’s what those colors look like to me. Thanks for sharing these.
That's amazing Janey! Could we see some of your art when you finish?
editorCL wrote:
So glad you like it Suruha! Which one do you like the best? :)

I like the ones with a skin tone, browns and a blue shade! My favorite combination lately!

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