Artist in Residence Programmes for Young Artists in 2018

As a young artist, I remember having difficulty finding opportunities to promote my art and get recognition for it, until I found out there are numerous art residencies for young artists.  I learned that art shows, contests, and residencies are important tools for the artist, especially emerging artists because they are a third party endorsement of your art.  If a residency loves your work enough to accept you, then a future buyer can feel confident in purchasing your art. Not all residencies are free, but they are all great for your career and growth as an artist. Don’t forget to put these on your art resume!

So, now that we understand why residencies are important, let us explore some residencies that are available for young and emerging artists in 2018.



Cosm offers a retreat to musicians, dancers, performance artists, and painters. A residency at Cosm does not require any educational or experiential prerequisites. However, a letter of intention and the purpose of the consultation are requested in advance. This retreat is at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in the guest retreat room.  There are several options available from one night to weeklong retreats, and even longer if you wish.  The residency includes a consultation about career development, style, technique, and philosophy. Prices range from $500 – $1450.



Screen-printing, etching, relief printing, sewing, photography, and business courses are all offered at Studio Two Three.  This residency is open to all skill levels and you will work alongside other artists in a working studio located in Richmond, Virginia.



This retreat is for artists that would like to work on their craft while in a renewing setting at the Yasodhara Ashram in Canada. The fee is only $50 and the minimum stay is one week (two weeks is recommended).  During your stay, you will need to donate two hours per day of your time to the ashram.  Meals and yoga classes are provided free during your stay as part of the residency.


Located on a farm 30 miles North of New York City, the art space at Stony Point Center is a 4000 sq. ft. two-story facility with a loft, overlooking a chicken coop and vegetable gardens.  The artist-in-residence duties consist of managing the art space, facilitating lectures, and organizing classes. Residencies are 3-6 months long and a donation of one painting is required.




If you know about more artist in residency programmes worldwide, please share it with our community in the comments.

Visionary Surrealism Artist

About the author: Angela Latchkey is an award-winning surreal artist. Her oil paintings explore ideas about philosophy, consciousness, science, and technology.

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