Marketing Mistakes To Avoid as an Illustrator

Marketing, using illustrations, is more powerful than using text, which most people don't read. After all, they say that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' A marketing illustration needs to have a strong message to the intended market to make an impact. Most news indicates that all illustrators are different, so what are the various marketing mistakes they need to avoid when doing their work? This article will highlight some.

No smooth illustrations

Illustrations use more drawings than from just the imagination. However, there are many tools to make such marketing arts fine and smooth. People get attracted to fine finishes rather than rugged ones. Most young haven’t got commercial illustrators portfolio and  would give up on the way and end up delivering unfinished work. For instance, the adobe illustrator will offer the simple and smooth tools you need to tidy up your work, but one must know how to use it.

Use of the wrong file format

Well, one would conclude that it's not worth spending a whole day designing a logo for a client and creating the best resolution only to download it in the wrong format. In fact, there are few high-quality formats that will be compatible with your illustration program without changing the resolution. Thus, it's crucial to understand the compatibility between the two documents, particularly for web purposes.

Using the wrong colors

Colors are very crucial in marketing illustrations. Suppose you want to make a logo or design for a coffee house and you use all yellow colors. Does it make since? People would expect more of a dark brown to represent the dark roasts of coffee; similarly, one cannot use purple to illustrate tomato juice. This mistake can cost a company great sales, time, and energy when they reject your work.

Not using swatches

While most young illustrators will try to build their own swatches to remain unique, this can use up most of your time and never achieve the best quality. The most popular illustrator software will have their own hues, skin tones, and color schemes. When used well, such capabilities will always give a unique outcome, so there is no need to create some from scratch. The experts advise that one can create color schemes that have never been seen before with such tools.

Poor cropping

It's one of the popular mistakes young marketing illustrators make. If one is going to crop, the relationship between the image and cropping must be logical. Thus, one cannot crop more than 1/3 of the image; otherwise, it will lose meaning. Additionally, trimming also depends on the effect one wants to create in the illustration. For instance, one may decide to trim the lower part of a human portrait and leave the upper part with enough allowance from the image to the trim.


Illustrations are used in more than marketing setups and all need great creativity. As a rising way of marketing, illustrators must, by all means, produce classic work. A combination of great tools alongside creativity is what will give the best results.

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