Color Inspiration in Nature: Sizzling Shades of Sunrises and Sunsets

Color Inspiration in Nature: Sizzling Shades of Sunrises and Sunsets

The naturally occurring bookends to each day, the sunrise and sunset have always held a beautiful symbolism for life. As brilliant as its hues held within, each morning sunrise holds the promise of a brand new day--a fresh start to begin again. Sunsets, sizzling with a kaleidoscope of shades and tones, remind us of a day well spent, opening the way for reflection, and gratitude to enter our hearts each evening.

Gathered here are just a handful of some of the most beautiful and versatile sunrises and sunsets we've seen, as well as the color palettes they've inspired. Please feel free to share your own sunset inspirations and Colourlover creations in the comments below, community!


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Mountain Morning

1-Mountain Morning


Fire in the Sky

2-Fire in the Sky


Tranquil Waters

3-Tranquil Waters


Evening Embers

4-Evening Embers


Cumulus Hither

5-Cumulus Hither


Pier Group

6-Pier Group


Cotton Candy Clouds

7-Cotton Candy Clouds


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I made this off that Cumulus Hither pic!
I've made a few that relate to the topic ;)
The Mountain Morning, is view from above the cloud. Yeah.. It's great colors
The Mountain Morning.. soo beautiful. Just like a view from my region, i.e Mt. Papandayan Garut
Like candies)
Of course, no computer can make the awesome color combination of nature, Always, seeing this natural beauty will relieve our stress....

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