Color Inspiration in Food: Oodles of Pretty Pasta Noodles

Color Inspiration in Food: Oodles of Pretty Pasta Noodles

When one mentions "pasta," the minds of the majority of diners the world over immediately meander toward visions of Italy, with red and white wine sauces swathing fresh made strands of spaghetti and the like amid an authentic Italian cucina. However, you might be surprised to hear that while most think of pasta as having Italian roots, it's more than likely that the doughy noodles can actually be traced back to a beginning in ancient Asia.

More specifically, evidence of these whispered beliefs are somewhat confirmed in the case of some historical retellings, like that of the famous explorer Marco Polo, who brought the fare to Italy following his discovery of an Asian breadfruit tree that produced barley-like flour/meal--all of which he documented in his 13th century book, "The Travels of Marco Polo." But regardless of where--or whom--these ringlets and stringless of deliciousness derived from, gourmands across the globe adore them. Gathered here are a few of the most colorful pastas we could find, along with the palettes they inspired. Feel free to add your own fun and fantastical foodie finds in the below comments as well, Colourlover community! We always love connecting and collaborating with you!

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Seeing Stars

1-Seeing Stars


Razzle Dazzle Rigatoni

2-Razzle Dazzle Rigatoni





Curly Qs

4-Curly Qs


Fruit Stripe Fun

5-Fruit Stripe Fun


Neon Noodles

6-Neon Noodles


Techno Tortellini

7-Techno Tortellini



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Here's a great pasta-inspired palette we discovered (and loved!) from a fellow Colourlover

And one more :) Keep 'em coming, Colourlover community!


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