Color Inspiration: Sweet Treats with a Twist of Psychedelic Shading

Just when you think desserts can’t get any sweeter, creative and imaginative bakers across the globe up their games by infusing every color of the rainbow into their delicious confections! We’ve gathered some of our favorite tummy and eye pleasing pastries, smoothie pops, and other sweet treats that include our absolute favorite colors, along with our homemade palettes that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Feel free to add your own fave confection conceptions in the following comment section as well. We always love hearing from you here in our Colourlover “family” forum!

Tie-Dye Another Day

Psychedelic colors swirl throughout this oh-so-sweet and vibrant slice of birthday cake! While gazing at this over-the-top, rainbow-riddled pastry, we are not only  inspired to create one aww-mazing color palette to match, but we also have to admit that we started to get a bit of a hypnotic headache feel, mesmerized by that seemingly spinning spectrum of colors!




Italy and France are the two European countries that first popularized this pretty and petit sweet treat. However, the delicious faux cookies have actually been around since ancient times, their original recipe being simpler: Almonds ground into a paste, mixed with honey and baked. The main difference between early, traditional macaroons and cookies is that real macaroons don’t contain flour, while cookies do. In fact, the word itself–macaroon–is rooted in the Italian word “macaroni,” which literally translates to ground almond paste. Traced back even more in history, the Greek root word for macaroon is “makakis,” which translates as “blessed food”. And we like the sound of that! Add some sweet pastel and other pretty, eye-pleasing colors, and it’s a win for everybody!




Did you know that it’s been estimated to take about 50 licks to put away one entire scoop of ice cream?! And speaking of licking, that more men (13% in fact!) admit to licking their ice cream bowls clean of every last bit, versus the mere 8% of women who admitted to their affinity for making sure not to miss a drop! And what are America’s favorite flavors, according to recent surveys? Vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip, which definitely seem to be represented in this image and accompanying palette–each offering their own unique taste, and hue.

3-SW TRI_Scream_For_Color


You don’t have to be a tough-as-nails, swash-buckling pirate to enjoy this colorful bounty of berried treasure. Filled with yummy strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, this mini-dessert makes for a lovely palette of varying shades. And because here at Colourlovers, we adore all fun facts, here’s a few to enlighten and amuse you: Did you know strawberries were used as a medicinal herb in Rome in the 13th Century? Or that an entire Belgian museum is dedicated just to strawberries!? And perhaps our personal favorite berry “bit,” for those who have ever eaten a rarely found double strawberry, there’s an old wive’s tale that if you break one of these crimson gems in half and share it with a member of the opposite attraction, you will have them literally eating out of your hand–led by the magical split strawberry to fall head over heels in love with you, that is!




Although that silly rabbit may like to spread his stories about how Trix are just for kids, this technicolor sweet treat seen below, joyfully sprinkled with our favorite “kids'” cereal to boot, begs to differ! Because let’s face it, only a real man or woman could handle this two-fisted ice cream style sammich’!

5-SW TRMagic_Trix


Remember those hot summer days of childhood, when your mom would let you help her make your favorite homemade popsicles?! We sure do! So when we spotted these smoothie-inspired fruity and fun versions below, we had to shake our creative cobwebs loose from our brains and immediately bust out a brilliant color palette to match! It sure helps that they used “delicious” colors to concoct their icy treats!

6-SW TRSmooth(ie)_Operator


Far from forgetting (or loving any less!) all of those health nuts out there in our Colourlovers community, we made sure to include in our list of faves a fruit-inspired sweet treat. From its buttery yellow juicy chunks of tropical pineapple to its vibrant crimson slices of strawberry, mellow hued honeydew melon, and  blueberries bursting with color that is anything but sad, this aptly named dessert “fruitopia” does seem pretty near perfect. And even though the white, billowy whipped cream doesn’t boast a bold or crazy pigment, we’re pretty sure our palettes (both taste and color!) are sure glad to have it represent!

7-SW TRFruitopia


When one thinks of pastel colors, the adjectives that instantly come to mind are most often words like “soothing”, “soft”, “milky”, or “muted.” Well, we got to thinking on this, and we don’t know about you, but we can’t help but wonder if sometimes, pastels find our descriptions just a wee bit patronizing! Far from being the weakest links of the color wheel, we personally find that–at least in our hearts–these chilled out shades of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow pack a powerful punch, precisely for their mellow vibes, mon!




Jello. No one is quite sure WHAT it IS, but we all sure seem to each have some fond or silly memory from childhood involving the colorful, quivering, gelatinous sweet treat. Our favorite reminiscent blast from the past involving this strange concoction are whipping up a batch of our favorite flavor and breaking out the animal cookie cutters, instantly transforming a boring square pan of goo into a proverbial zoo of giraffes, lions, and bears (oh my!)  And although we didn’t have our animal shapes handy, we did create a color palette paying homage to this, one of our most cherished childhood desserts!




Although, officially, the Dutch are credited with first bringing donuts to the U.S. in the 1800s–calling them “olykoeks”, or oily cakes, nonetheless!–America definitely doesn’t slouch when it comes to keeping up the tradition of ensuring that these gooey gooey fried sweet treat stick around, as the majority of Americans (despite the original nickname) are known to practically inhale them on a daily basis! And if you think the Dutch moniker is less than stellar, wait till you hear what the French first named the small fried fritters: “pets de nonne“ or “nun’s farts”! Really. Regardless of whatever you call these delicious doughy sweet treats, the palette(s) they inspire are beyond fun to create!

10-SW TRI_Donut_Understand

Author: Andy Beth Miller