Color Inspiration: Sensational Street Art Featuring Every Shade

Color Inspiration: Sensational Street Art Featuring Every Shade

We’ve all been there. Walking down the road, enjoying an outdoor stroll when the weather if fine, or driving along on our ways to our next destination, when we’re literally stopped in our tracks by stunning—and colorful—improvisational artistry. Whether it be whimsical murals birthed from the womb of a professional painter commissioned specifically for the space, or random passersby who saw said wall as a blank canvas just waiting to be covered, street art—from measured graphic designs to free style graffiti—is as versatile as it is often colorful, and we love it.

Here are some of our favorite random street art creations alongside the palettes they inspired. We’d love to see some of your own snapshots of your favorite neighborhood street art and accompanying created Colourlovers palettes as well, community! So jump on in and share the Colourlove!

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Gazing at this whimsical mural is nothing short of mesmerizing. It's beautiful, serpent-infused design definitely casts a certain inspirational spell.

mural 1



Walking by this mural makes us wonder just what this divine goddess is dreaming of. Whatever it is, the colorful hues swirling around her sure are heavenly.

mural 2



Perhaps via a respectful nod to famed Picasso, the painter behind this bold and lively mural sure knows how to make an impression. All in favor of this fun fantasy-inspired street art, say "eye"!

mural 3



We saw this street art and couldn't help but smile. If laughter is said to be infectious, this man's widespread grin could only be described then as nothing short of contagious! We're more than fine "catching" whatever positivity he is passing around!




Zen is the word that first comes to mind when passing this peace-riddled work of street art. As much as we long to know what this beautiful muse is, well, musing about (!), we also just can't seem to dare disturb her idyllic reverie in order to inquire. We'll have to be content to allow her dreams only to whisper to her as she dwells in her own little reverie world.

mural 5



Who wouldn't want to live in this quirky, fun community of colorful stacked abodes?! We sure would! Consider this blog post our version of officially signing up for the waiting list of intended residents in this rainbow-infused, topsy-turvy apartment complex!

mural 6



Who doesn't love the Crocodile Hunter?! We sure do! And when you add untamed wild animals and swirls of psychedelic pigment, including purple and teal tones? Well Crikey! ...then it's just darn near perfection!

mural 7



Starlight. Starbright. This stunning street art mural seems to capture the first star this beauty sees tonight.

mural 8



Sea-inspired street art is one of the most popular genres of murals one will come across. Yet, luckily for pedestrians and drivers, and all other appreciators, the ocean has so many versatile animals and enigmatic colors within it, the art--and inspired palettes alongside--are near endless and never get old to ooh and ahh over.

mural 9Oceans_Away


Butterflies are also an often-included symbol within street art. Yet, as it is with ocean themes, so too do we never seem to tire of motifs featuring lovely monarch varieties and the like of these little beauties.

mural 10


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