A COLOURlovers Renaissance

COLOURlovers has been a beautiful international creative clique since its conception in 2008. During its first years, the community thrived as a small island atmosphere; everyone knew everyone at this down-to-earth “local artists cafe.” As COLOURlovers was presented to the outside world, it grew by leaps and bounds, and as more people were introduced to this colorful experience, being the community that you are, you opened your arms and welcomed the community’s growth.


I hike through the mountains of colorful palettes and get lost in the maze of intricate patterns, I see the beauty of these well loved creations synchronized in the gardens of our community, it makes me glow with pride that there are so many who create simply to create. COLOURlovers has always been a place of selfless design. This alone makes me thrilled to announce that we’re back!

The Renaissance: Autodesk + COLOURlovers

As most of you may know, in February of 2014, Autodesk welcomed COLOURlovers, along with our crafty little sister, Creative Market, into their fantastic creative family.

palette autodesk logo

Autodesk boasts a plethora of professional arts and engineering apps; the two that speak loudest to my creative addictions are Pixlr and Sketchbook. Personally, two of my most proficient skill sets are traditional art and photography. This puts us in a fantastic position to gain more avenues of personal artistic growth!


Somewhat like weeding an unkempt garden, a few minor maintenance tasks have been performed to keep up with what is relevant for the website to function in the current. We’ve removed the antiquated Store section and we’ve altered the business blog channel to reflect a more fun topic, Digital Art. At this point in time there are no lofty goals to punch a hole in the sky, but more to garner the revival of art within the community.

The Future of COLOURlovers Depends on Your Etiquette!

I was asked to return as a friend of the community and while I will be working on re-establishing contests, giveaways and community features, I will be at the heart of these plans along with a small task force confident about bringing some engagement back to the community!

With all of this fun stuff happening, we kindly ask you all to please mind your manners and think before typing. We are here to create fun and get some inspiration as well as some awesome community engagement going again.

Autodesk has been kind to provide us with support to rebuild the community we love. We are free to be the artists we are here on our COLOURlovers planet. Let’s give them every great reason to continue their support to keep this planet alive.

I look forward to the re-building of this beautiful digital garden. Feel free to private message me if you have any lofty concerns or just to say “Hello.” It’s good to be back!


eclipsed_by_night was used for “We’re Back!” image artwork:

Palette by CL member, joy_of_summer was used in the “Be Kind” image artwork.

Author: Molly Bermea
Hi! I'm the COLOURlovers Community Curator. I come from a family with five imaginative kids. My mom instilled creativity to the max and you can usually find us scheming together, figuring out new ways to sew, craft or build DIY projects. The core of my artistic bone is in the art of painting.