14 Designers With Lovely Valentine's Day Backgrounds

14 Designers With Lovely Valentine's Day Backgrounds

We're getting closer to Valentine's Day and hopefully everyone has a special someone to whom they want to say "I love you". Whether it's a significant other, or close friend or family member, a fun way to let someone know how much you care is to make a unique card or gift just for them. Here we have gathered a collection of lovely digital backgrounds from 14 amazing designers.

Abstract Hearts by Flurno

Hearts Background by Depiano

 Watercolor Pattern with Peony Flower by Astromonkey

Sweetheart Digital Papers by 7th Avenue Designs

Love Vector Patterns by Tomodachi

Colorful Love by Digital Art Creations

Chocolate Kisses Paper Pack by Craftastrophic Stuff

The Love Bundle by McDermott Designs

Vintage Heart Printable Patterns by All Is Full Of Love

Hearts pattern and a greeting card by Helga Wigandt

Love Patterns by Sveltok

Dear Heart Digital Scrapbook Pages by Blixa 6 Studios

Set of seamless patterns by Sunny_Lion 

Collection of patterns with hearts by SolveigEugenia Design


Feeling inspired to create something special for your someone special? Why not share the love so your friends can create something beautiful as well?

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We have some amazing designers right here at Colour Lovers. One day while conversing with Anonymuse after had commented on a picture I had posted. I had visited a store that had the most amazing door handles. The designer is the famous Brighton ..most famous for their handbags with silver embellishments. Anyway the door handles were sterling with a brighton signature heart at the top. A few minutes later he posted this back to me. It's probably still my favorite design here and if you page through all the colours that have been used you will find it is universal in it's acceptance to any color. This blog just reminded me of it and thought I would share because it would be great for a valentine day gift or art.

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