Kapow! Blam! Zap! The Graphics and Fonts of Comic Books

Did you read comic books as a kid, or adult? Did you ever have an idea to create your own? Well, now it’s easier than ever. Check out this amazing collection of the most fabulous ideas and assets.

Comicraft Fonts has some of the most amazing fonts I’ve seen. There is such a large collection too.

Samaritan Tall

Ghost Town

Cloberin Time

Goose Bumps

TrueMitra Designs has a great selection of stars and such to accentuate Comic Explosions!

Rough Balloons Collection by Do2Designs are perfect speech bubbles for the comic feel.

Thomas Ramey has recently created Thunder Pants. This fun typeface is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Created with rounded edges, this face portrays of old school comic and superhero vibe.

Comic Book Creator – photo-to-comic by Design Arsenal allows you to use your own photos and create fabulous comics.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun collection of comic book ideas.  What are some of your favorite comic books?

Author: sarah