6 Must Have Web Design Trends Of 2014

If you thought 2013 brought an exciting array of web design trends with the popularity of flat design and parallax scrolling, then this list is going to excite you even more. 2014 is going to be an awesome year for Web Designers making our website even more beautiful.

1. Mix and Match typography. Some of the best websites out there now have two or three different fonts making the page easier to read and more attractive. Check out Creative Fabrica for awesome free fonts!

VG Design and Branding

Kitchen Sink Studios

Check out some fun examples of new fonts out there to add to your own project.

The Carpenter by Fenotype

Gipsy Hill by Luke Ferrand

Purbacala by seruput

2. Large Hero Areas displaying a large beautiful picture with little text at the top of a website.

Landing Bootstrap One Page by RevoTheme

WDA – Creative Responsive Template by www.ThemeStreet.Net

Flat Page – One Page Responsive by ProfMe

3. Heavier Focus On Mobile – Now that responsive Web design is all the rage, designers must focus on the mobile design first.

Mobile App Mockups by RgraphicsDesign

Personal Blog – Mobile Template

4. Videos In Place of Text – This trend is becoming more popular especially since the inception of the new HTML5 video tag. Why read about it when you can watch it?

Video Responsive WordPress Theme by Dessign

Flat Full Set Video Player by PSDboard

5. Manipulated Images – In 2014, we will see more images with color overlays, blurriness, or even photoshop filters.

Huge Images Pack by Around Seven Products

Light Leaks Image Overlays by YD-LABS

 Blurred Landscapes by Mathew Sisson

6. Dropping the sidebar – This pertains mostly to blog or magazine sites, but many are experimenting with dropping the sidebar all together allowing for more visual impact with content.

Real Broker WordPress Real Estate by 7Theme

Typeset – A Clean Magazine Style Blog by Courtyard Themes


What are some of your favorite new trends?

Author: sarah