French Kiss Collection

French Kiss Collection

French Kiss Collections is a graphics resource option for photographers, designers & scrapbookers. Their products feature Photoshop textures, templates, beautiful watercolor brushes. Check out some of their amazing products!

Watercolor Textured Spot Brushes

This gorgeous set includes 12 watercolor brushes on rough watercolor paper. They can be great for photo masking and adding watercolor elements to your designs.

50 Splats & Spatters Brushes

Here is an amazing set of watercolor spatter brushes. These would work great with any project!

23 Splats & Spatters Brushes

French Kiss Spatter Brushes

Here are 9 ink and watercolor spatter brushes to liven up your design.

Watercolor Spots Brush Stamps

These awesome watercolor brush stamps are perfect for labels, web graphics, scrapbooking, and more.

1912 French Geometrie Brushes

This is an amazing set of 33 illustrations and text snippets from a 1912 French text book on Geometry. Great for adding visual interest to your images!



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