Ombre Wedding Invitations

Ombre Wedding Invitations

As some of you probably know, I'm planning my wedding and totally obsessed with finding the latest and greatest trends when it comes to weddings. I've recently had a difficult time picking which colors I want to showcase in my wedding, so I've bee looking at a variety of different trends in color schemes for weddings.
I stumbled across these awesome ombre wedding invitations, and had to share them with you. What do you think of this color/design trend for weddings?

If you love these invitations and want to create your very own DIY versions check out these products from Creative Market to help you create awesome wedding invitations:

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I love summer orange weddings One i helped with last year was that orange in this collection and a deep turquoise almost emerald color theme. A friend of mind got married a few years ago on the beach and everyone was in white. the bride wore an almost traditional dress but the flower girls and attendants wore ankle length kind of high waist with a satin ribbon tied loose down the back.
i have helped to plan a wedding that we have been working on now for almost two years. Because it's located in the mountains we have had to work off pictures from the time frame of the season. What we are having problems with is the time.All the party will be flown to location and immediate members we have arranged an all inclusive travel package. But it will be either Christmas Eve at Midnight or Christmas Morning. All invitations will be hand delivered the day after thanksgiving by Santa. Kind of like the good bad list he carries. It's not going to be a big wedding because of the location...but the family is not worried about money and they own the property location where it will be. There is always snow and The bride will arrive by sled and she will be wearing a santa dress of red velvet off the shoulders with the white fur around the top, and bottom. Long sleeves and white long gloves. The brides maids will be in white santa type gowns. Everything is being hand made because of the unique requests we have come up with. The picture below is the portfolio we used.






We have changed the design on the cake now so it is different. The groom will wear the black with red tie and the groomsmen will have either black on black or black and cream ties
I love Ombre anything!
This is amaaaaazing
wow...that is so ombre :) i love the article! :)
Really amazing !!!
These are some amazing examples! Thanks for sharing :)

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