Color Trend: Neon

Color Trend: Neon

Are the 80s really back? It seems like neon is all over the place these days, and I'm loving the bright and bold colors as we approach summer.

Check out these awesome neon color inspirations:

For your inspiration check out these colorful palettes:


Pop_Is_Everything the_boom_boom_room

David_battery_full  Amsterdam_Acid

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Prefer to look at neon colours more than wear them now but there was a time when I would give anything just to get my hands on neon anything(nail polish,shoe laces ,even my eye contacts were bright violet)Here is my last neon pattern:))
I am not a fan of 80's clothing much. You know, original neons were a direct result of psychedelic in the 60's? I notice some of those prints are starting to pop up in some places too. Interesting how everything comes back.
Neon is awsome.
Big fan of neon. Still an 80s teenager at heart. : )

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