10 of the Most Creative and Colorful Website Designs

I’ve searched the web for some of the most creative and unique web design designs to inspire you to create an awesome blog or website of your own. Check out my favorite picks from around the web:

Bagigia: This is probably one of the most creative websites out there. Not only does the site feature parallax design, it’s page navigation is completely unique and interactive. You can navigate the page by scrolling with your cursor, using the circle navigation panel on the bottom right hand side, or dragging the mock “zipper” along the bottom of the page. As you transition from page to page you get to experience the unique features of the Bagigia products, it’s truly a unique and interactive experience.

IndoFolio: What I love about this page is it’s unique parallax design that involves horizontal scrolling. As you transition between pages you find that the background picture transforms and moves with you making page navigation fun and exciting.

Thibaud: This awesome portfolio design is one of my favorites because it allows users to select their preferred method of site navigation. You can alter and change the way that you navigate the portfolio by selecting various styles at the bottom of the screen.

Dulla: I love the animation and hand drawn illustrations featured on this site. The landing page is so creative, it draws users in and makes them want to learn what the site is all about.

Organic Grid:This landing page is so colorful and fun. I love using the navigation elements to experience new and different artists.

The Kennedys: I just think this landing page looks SUPER cool. I love all of the flashing colors and amazing illustrations. I feel like I could just stare at this page for hours upon hours.

VlogIt: I absolutely love the navigation on this site, it’s so much fun to watch the images change on the site and navigate through this interesting circular panel.

Ray’s Lab: I love how colorful the artwork is on this landing page. Simply because of its colorful layout and design, I’m intrigued to learn more about the site.

Tori’s EyeI love the animated background on this site, and how the site continues to change and adapt to your actions and movements.

Tamron Island:This site looks so cool, it makes me want to visit this amazing land and never leave. It simply looks SO cool and navigation around the site is creative.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my favorite picks of the most creative website designs from around the web. If you’re looking to start your own site or re-vamp a site you already have, check out these awesome themes and templates from Creative Market to get you started.

Author: maryamtaheri