Spring 2013 Color Trend - Mint

Spring 2013 Color Trend - Mint

Everywhere I look, everyone seems to be wearing mint. In fact, I can't go into a store these days without seeing a mint colored shirt, pants, or dress. I think this color is perfect for spring, and I searched the web for mint-spiration to find everything people are doing with the Spring's trendiest color. There are so many creative people out there, and I was amazed at all of the mint colored items I was able to find.

What do you think of the growing mint trend? Will you be creating something inspired by this trendy color? If so, share in the comments below...

Check out these palettes featuring Mint:

Be sure to check out these products from Creative Market that feature mint in their designs!


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I'm all about some mint :D
I'm so excited for mint! Its such a pretty colour I cant wait to get my hands on some mint coloured jewelry and maybe a pair of shoes! Also Coral/Peach is a favorite and together OH EM GEE!! COLOURLOVEXPLOSION!!

Love the fresh minty spring look! :D
This is my favorite color! Love all of these palettes :)
Mint is such a refreshing (and underrated) color. I'm glad to see this hue of green get the acknowledgement and appreciation it deserves. ♥
(Also: Minty would make an adorable little girl's name!)
This was my color for spring last year! Along with muted purples :D

Celebrating MINT
(Some Include Recipes!)

For the LOVE of MINT ♥
Enjoyed reading the blog!
Yes, "Mint" is called "vert d'eau" in French :)
It's a come back from 85' when fashion was about surf and all gliss stuff :D

Few days ago I had to choose a name to #C2EFBC (194,239,188)
so I took "water green" (didn't know the "mint" color expression ^^)






Wonderful Blog!!! I'm honored to have my palettes posted. Mint is one of my favorite colors!

Just recently bought these mint colored dishes from IKEA. I Absolutely love them!

Click here for more graphics and gifs!

In honor of the start of spring I have created a one 1LP from the colors of treemint.
its a great colour
2013--The year of mint! I can back that ;D
who decides on the color trends?

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