Colorful Turn of the Century Japanese Designs

Colorful Turn of the Century Japanese Designs

I know what you're probably wondering...turn of what century? Well these particular designs come from a magazine published in 1901 and 1902 called Shin-bijutsukai.

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This magazine was a monthly publication featuring "various designs by the famous artists of to-day," and as you can see, the pages are filled with wonderful colors and trippy patterns. I don't know about you, but after looking at all of the nature elements in these designs, I feel like going for a jaunt in the park.










If you're interested in checking out the entire magazine, you can browse the pages below or visit to browse the full size version.

And for good measure, here's a few Japan-inspired palettes from the community. Cheers!

Kami_no_ke  Samurai_Festival_APC

Sea_of_Japan  Japanese_Book_1944

相州七里浜  Lovers_in_Japan_II

Letters_from_Japan  Japanese_Language

Kitsune  Japanese_Bath

Japanese_Music  T_o_k_y_o_B_l_u_e_s

Bijin  Ume_Modern

Japanese_Tea  Z_e_n_W_o_r_l_d

japanese_candy_2  Summer_Turns_To_Fall

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*-* ..., Great, I just love your post !
These are amazing!
Number 12 is especially beautiful in my opinion.
What beautiful palettes!
great post!
Colourloving circa 1900...nice! I wonder if the people doing these great prints had "real" jobs that they would slough off just so they could get to their colourloving? ummm...I don't mean that happens now-a-days. I'm sure everyone goes full out at their present day jobs and only visits colourlovers during their breaks or after work, right?
the colours are amazing :O
so beautiful! *gasp*
Hello :) A little additional information about Shin-bijutukai.

According to the postscript of the Shin-bijutukai (reprinted edition), it seems that all the patterns were designed by Furuya Kôrin with the guidance of Kamisaka Sekka. Furuya Kôrin was a famous illustrator and designer, Sekka was a famous Japanese‐style painter and pattern designer. There was a great need for professional pattern designers for mass production in Meiji era. Shin-bijutukai was published for the designers as references.

If it is true, Kôrin was a super designer!

Sorry for my bad English.
great post!
Great article and absolutely wonderful prints.

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