Colourful Bathroom Trends for 2012

Colourful Bathroom Trends for 2012

This guest post is written by Alex Jackson. Alex, who is a keen interior design follower, wrote this blog on behalf of Bathshop321 and frequently offers advice on interior trends, household improvements and repairs.

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Are you wondering which colour will be modelled by bathrooms this year? Whether you’re looking to update a main bathroom, powder room, or master bathroom, you’ve probably been pondering on which colours are trending this year. Easier said than done, right? Well in this post we’ll be seeing creative ways to replace tiles with textures, graphics, and colours -- ranging from dark and dramatic to ultra bright and vibrant. While large renovation makeovers require massive amounts of money and time, a quick lick of paint can brighten and update a bathroom in minutes. Here’s the low-down on the interior design and colour trends for 2012 and beyond.



Bold feature walls

Why not try adding a twist to a traditional bathroom design by contrasting eye-catching fittings with boldly coloured walls? Fuchsia pink makes the perfect backdrop to an elegant mirror or rustic hand hammered copper sink. Have fun adding a splash of colour, fresh lime green inserts a refreshing ‘pop’ and adding expansion mirrors will create a double impact impression to the walls and fixtures. ‘Wow’ factors are hard to come by, especially in compact bathrooms. If it’s the ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for, combine jet black floral wallpaper or paisley blue patterns with toned down simple colours on the walls surrounding.



Smart styles

To match a glamorous personality, monochrome bathroom designs are perfect. This season slate and darker backdrops are in top demand. Add a bit of ‘Zing’ to your bathroom by juxtaposing matte, sleek walls with glossy, eye-catching fixtures for that smart streamlined look. Hot reds add energy and character to a tranquil modern bathroom design. Achieve this by adding red glass shower screens, towels, bathroom mats, or even a selection of vibrant flowers to your windowsill.



Soft pastels

A bathroom is for relaxation, a place to why not create this soothing atmosphere by merging white floorboards and fixtures with chalky walls and accessories. This combination can produce just as much impact as a brightly coloured feature wall. If you’re looking for a cheap and less time consuming way to keep up with this seasons bathroom colour trends, then simply update the theme you already have. Contrast your tile or paint colours with large pastel blue or purple mosaic tiles and coordinate this with pastel accessories, paint cupboard doors, or a feature wall to allow a colour theme to run throughout. These trouble-free changes make a dramatic difference when trying to create a striking, yet peaceful bathroom area.

Remember when choosing your interior wall colours not to neglect your own preferences; choose colours which are going to make you feel relaxed and satisfied with the space. Your choices could lead to a soft earthy atmosphere or a bright energised bathroom space, both holding elegance and sophistication. Use colours which suit your taste and personality, and use them as accents around the room. After all, it is your bathroom and your space so choose colours which are suited you.

Source: Alex Jackson


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Love the orange fresh look in this bathroom trend!!
I too like the orange one.I am so tired of black/white/glass styles.Love dark red,brown and now,orange bathroom ideas.Cool and fresh:))
Indeed a good trend: Nice multi-orange tiles with dark wood, what a good combination!
I must confess, I wouldn't dare use it on my windowless and small bathroom...
I like pastels by sprouticus.
Love the fourth one from the top.

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