The Colorful & Otherworldly Landscapes of Utah

The Colorful & Otherworldly Landscapes of Utah

I have to say, when I've thought of Utah in the past, color was not a word that I would have associated with the hot, arid, and rocky terrain pictured in my mind's eye. That is until my introduction to the landscape photography of Jeremy Davies. Jeremy is one of the many fantastic photographers that work with us here at myPhotopipe, and his work brings depth and visual artistry to a landscape just as vibrant as his approach and technique. Jeremy has a way of interpreting what he sees and feels in the world around him into a tangible manifestation the rest of us can admire from  a distance that's oftentimes otherworldly, yet connect with personally.

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Introducing you to the array of chroma Utah's eclectic landscapes has to offer seems like a natural progression in this budding love affair of colorful photography we're sharing. Allowing yourself to get lost in the escapism Jeremy's sensible, yet discerning eye offers will open you up to a plethora of possible color combinations when examining the color palettes of his photography.

Source: Jeremy Davies


A sunset photo of the Great Salt Lake. The posts pictured were once used as support for Saltar Resort, back in the late 1800's.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Bell Canyon Reservoir is the first body of water you reach on the Bell Canyon Trail hike. On this particular hike, Jeremy was graced with wonderful low-lying clouds that embraced the mountains in the background.

Source: Jeremy Davies


A random creek Jeremy came across while off-roading during Autumn 2011.

Source: Jeremy Davies


A quaint reservoir in the middle of the Wasatch Mountains with a layer of fog hovering over.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Jeremy captured this photo on 2012's Blue Moon. The entire canyon is lit with just the light from the moon. Salt Lake City's lights are reflecting on the clouds in the background.

Source: Jeremy Davies


An image from last Autumn, in the heart of the Wasatch Range, with Big Cottonwood Canyon in the background.

Source: Jeremy Davies


A shot from last Autumn in the Wasatch Range, with a car enjoying the colorful view.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Sundial Peak overlooking Lake Blanche 10,000 feet up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Upper Red Pine Lake sits peacefully above Red Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon at 10,000 feet up.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Mt. Timpanogos stands eloquently in the background overlooking the young aspens in the winter.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Bell Creek up Bell Canyon flows fluidly through gorgeous aspens.

Source: Jeremy Davies


Salt Lake City lighting up the night with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

If you'd like to see more of this Utah-based photographer's work or get in touch with him for prints, you're in luck. In addition to his website, Jeremy is very social on sites including Google+ and Facebook.

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amazing phts
Beautiful! Never realized Utah was so pretty (and I've lived there!).
Salt Lake and Antelope Island are definitely amazing places where you can feel like you're in a whole different state or even world at the salt flats.

Love the sunset picture!
Love the sunset picture!
Love the sunset picture!
Awesome photos...would love to paint them...may I have your permission to do so?...
и че делать? )
где тут русский? (
Beautiful! I love =)
I grew up in Utah and most people don't realize that although it is a lot of desert land it is surrounded by beautiful Mountains and no matter where you live in Utah it is only about a 20 to 30 minuter drive away to go to the mountains. Jeremy did a great job at capturing the beauty of the wasatch mountain range... Makes me want to go visit. Fall is the best time to go and see the Mountains there as everything is blooming with Autumns Colors! :D Thanks for shaing!
all are amazing pic i feel tat i'm standing in tis places
beach every where is nice to see.thanks
I could keep looking for hours!
Excellent work ! wonderful colors !
Beautiful landscapes:))Nice pictures:)
awesome pictures!
This pictures are so beautiful!! I love it!! ♥♥ =}
Wow, absolutely beautiful. I was just up in one of the canyons two weeks ago and it really is lovely, especially at this time of the year.
I love your work! The 1st photo makes me feel lonely and loved at the same time.
Love the sunset picture.

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