We Love Colors Tights Design Contest

We Love Colors Tights Design Contest

Hey there COLOURlovers! We're back with another awesome design contest to put those creative color skills to the test. This time We Love Colors is joining in the fun and we've put something special together for you.

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We Love Colors is a unique clothing company. Founded as a family-run business, they specialize in coloring all products at their dye house in Miami, Fl. Their products are shipped to and enjoyed by customers worldwide. We Love Colors carries products for men, women, and children -- sizes range from infant to plus sizes. They offer tights, leggings, fishnets, socks, dancewear, and more in over 50 solid colors and 13 hand-dyed splash colors that help you find your own unique expression.

Together with We Love Colors, we are excited to bring you a Tights Design Contest! All of the pertinent details are included below.

How to Enter

Head on over to the We Love Colors Contest Page, where you creative COLOURlovers are going to submit your best color palettes to color in a template for tights. The palettes have to be your own creations and you can submit as many entries as you like.

Contest Dates

We will be accepting entries from Wednesday, August 15th through the evening of Thursday, August 23rd. Voting will remain open until Tuesday, August 28th and we'll be announcing the winners on Wednesday, August 29th.

Voting Process

To vote for your favorite entries during the contest, just hit the "Love" button. The top 3 most loved entries will receive awesome prizes courtesy of We Love Colors.


First Prize: winning design will be featured on WeLoveColors.com + $100 in cash
Second Prize: winner will receive $50 in cash
Third Prize: $50 gift card for use at WeLoveColors.com

Cheers and happy coloring!

View entries: We Love Colors Tights Design Contest

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Watch out how you post. At first, my leggings were a tad distorted in the least flattering way. Play with the height and width in the badge code to get a form you like. This image is width 165px and height 475px. because I've always wanted to be thinner and taller! ; }

I would have worn these back in the day! Revolution grrrrl style circa 1992. Rebel Grrls to the Front!

riot grrrl
riot grrrl by ereseigh

How fun!!!

what's in a name?
what's in a name? by takeovercontrol

bahaha! my leggings are a bit large, as ereseigh forwarned, but I don't know how to fix it.

More of the same
More of the same by takeovercontrol

I'd love to make a template pattern for real life leggings.
My Leggings- Please vote for your favorite! Thank you so much!

Oh so blue!
Oh so blue! by sherrydee846


WInter Chill
WInter Chill by sherrydee846


Blush by sherrydee846

sherrydee846 wrote:
My Leggings- Please vote for your favorite! Thank you so much!

Oh so blue!Oh so blue! by sherrydee846www.COLOURlovers.com


WInter ChillWInter Chill by sherrydee846www.COLOURlovers.com


BlushBlush by sherrydee846www.COLOURlovers.com


Butterfly Wings
Butterfly Wings by sherrydee846

take the night off or go out in style! the distant dreams leggings are perfect for lounging about the house or great layered underneath a skirt or capri's for a true stylish look. everyone will be dreaming about you. :)

distant dreams
distant dreams by beckoningheart

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