Ubooly Coloring Contest

If you were a kid in the ’80s, chances are you remember Teddy Ruxpin. In the ’90s? One word: Furby. Well in 2012, a new fledgling company is looking to revolutionize toys for the iGeneration.

Ubooly is a Boulder-based startup that successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign back in April. Just three months later, they are gearing up to start shipping units to excited kids and grownups everywhere.

What exactly is an Ubooly you ask? It’s a smart toy powered by your smart phone to help teach your smart kids through meaningful interactions. Recommended for ages 4-9, Ubooly uses voice recognition and ongoing updates to make sure it’s the smartest toy. Pretty smart, wouldn’t you say?

Before they launch, Ubooly wants you to unleash your inner child with a fun contest that just happens to be right up our COLOURlovin’ alley. Oh yeah, I’m talking about a coloring contest!

Ending on July 25 @ 8:00 PM (MDT), the Ubooly Coloring Contest is simple to enter. Just check out their Facebook page, print out and then upload one of their adorable coloring pages, infused with your personal style. You can submit either scans or photos of your colorings and you can submit an entry each day to increase your chances of winning.

The two winners will get their very own Ubooly and the first place winner also gets a brand new iPod touch — a sweet deal for an activity you probably did a million times as a kid.

Cheers and happy coloring!

Author: Sprouticus
Community builder, color lover, bike rider, book reader.