The Colours of the Queen

If you’ve ever lost sleep at night wondering just what colours strike the Queen’s fancy, wonder no more.

After 60 years of style and class, Vogue went on a mission to follow the beloved monarch around for a year, chronicling every outfit that she wore. The resulting data should help answer any questions you may have had about the Queen’s colour preferences.

Queens_Colour_Chart Queens_Colour_Redux

It turns out blue is the clear-cut winner with the Queen. She sports the “royal” colour about a third of the time, which is three times higher than any other colour. At the bottom of the list are boring beige and checked patterns — because really, no one wants to be a walking optical illusion. She’s not one to shy away from floral patterns though, those flowery outfits surprisingly come in second.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel suddenly compelled to wear more hats?

The Leo Burnett ad agency in London even took this inspiration and created Pantone Queen, 60 Years of Matching Colours based on the Queen’s outfits, which is pretty fantastic.

And with this knowledge, I plan to finally get a good night’s rest. Cheerio!

Author: Sprouticus
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