Just for COLOURlovers, Free Portfolio Packs from 4by6.com

Hello COLOURlovers! You may have seen the 4by6.com Portfolio Pack Design Contest we’re running until June 25th. Well, the awesome people at 4by6.com would also like to, throughout the contest, offer you the opportunity to order ONE FREE (not including S&H) Portfolio Pack of Satin Business Cards. This free pack includes 80 cards total, 20 cards each of 4 separate designs. After all, variety is the spice of life, right?


Since this promotion is completely separate from the design contest, you’re going to head directly to 4by6.com to place your order. You’ll have until June 25th to take advantage of this offer. Cheers!

Author: Sprouticus
Community builder, color lover, bike rider, book reader.