Magazine Cover Design Through The Decades

Some say print is dying while other’s are fighting for its survival. Luckily, the issue we are discussing here today isn’t weather or not the world of print is going by the wayside. Today, the discussion is the art of creating a magazine cover complete with images of iconic covers including those from decades past.

Le Fourire is a 1930’s car magazine.

Source: Header Image, Craft, Le Fourire

The House Beautiful cover from 1921 alongside the 1952 Fortune design cover. Both magazines are still going strong today after all these years, but the evolution of the magazine covers have grown drastically through the years.

Source: House Beautiful, Fortune

Walter Allner founded the International Poster Annual, started his own company and freelanced for Johnson & Johnson, I.B.M. and Life magazine. Allner’s most notable work are the covers he did of Fortune magazine where he was the Art Director from 1962 to 1974.

Source: Fortune, Bazaar

Source: Icon,

Print is a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design founded in 1940. This anniversary edition of the magazine features a polygon filled with color.

Source: Print, All About Art

Studio, 1960’s design.

Source: Elephant, The Studio

Wired has won a number of awards for their print magazine, and with good reason. Each cover is more striking and thought provoking than the last. Here is one attention-grabbing cover they did last year.

Source: Wired, AnOther

One of the most influential fashion magazines on the scene, Bazaar focuses on classic and sophisticated features and design. From the clothing choices to the covers of these two magazines, the simplicity shines through.

Source: Bazaar

Source: Summer,Motorist

What are your thoughts on magazine covers? Do you prefer this style or are you gravitating toward newer magazines covers that you see on stands now?

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