CMYK Embroidery by Evelin Kasikov

CMYK Embroidery by Evelin Kasikov

There are so many artists in the world, and the things these people do never cease to amaze me. One day, while pinning, I came across a photo of some of the coolest embroidery ever. Embroidery that would make people who don't like embroidery appreciate embroidery.

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Evelin Kasikov is a graphic and print designer who uses typography, grid systems and design techniques to challenge the preconceptions of embroidery. She has created a variety of designs including a typography series, and a book series. I found her CMYK series incredibly fun, colorful and totally awesome in terms of design. Here are just a few pieces.

Do check out her other work, it is just as awesome as what you can see here.


So what do you guys think? Would you buy one of these pieces to hang on your wall as art?

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I loooooove these!! I would definitely hang them on my wall. So creative - it's great to see cross-stitching/embroidery be reinvented in a more modern way. ♥
Wow incredible! I doubt it's as easy as it looks, but I'd like to try to make my own. I see she was selling a very affordable starter kit with instructions through The Poundshop link on her website.
LOVE <3!! Really original!
I absolutely love it. I want to make some of my own. Kudos to the artist, I would never have imagined this, but it is perfect.
Is that sewn onto paper? I dont know if I can make such mathematically correct patterns on cloth.
How cool is that!
According to her website (link is in the blog writeup) they are done on paper.

I tried a couple templates in this style...
cool ! I love the embroidery with typography one ^-^
Sooooo nice!
i love the "a" one
Very Modern!
I like the moiré pattern that comes through on some of these

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