Layers of Iridescence

Layers of Iridescence

Hello everyone! Chloé from Plenty of Colour here again.

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I am a major fan of art installations, especially when creators turn an everyday object into something breathtaking. An example of making the mundane magical is this beautiful piece called “Capturing Resonance” by sculptor Soo Sunny Park and composer Spencer Topel.

Featured at deCordova Museum, the colourful and iridescent installation feels like a work of exquisite glass. In fact, Park created the undulating textile by inserting thousands of acrylic squares into chain link fencing. As “Capturing Resonance” was created in a window-filled space, different lighting makes the piece a constantly evolving palette of colour, shadows and reflection. The installation also features an audio element as composer Spencer Topel created an dreamy, elegant composition that is activated by motion sensors so the sound is ever-changing and layered like its iridescent muse. “Capturing Resonance” showcases that any material, no matter how industrial or mundane it may seem, can become a gorgeous piece of art.




(photographs by Michelle Aldredge and Peter Harris via gwarlingot)

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oh my goodness - right near me & i never noticed!
going there this weekend C:
Let us know how it is!

eloraelle wrote:
oh my goodness - right near me & i never noticed!
going there this weekend C:
Gorgeous! I love it. Thank you.
Iridescence RULES
Oh yeah, I have one of these in my entryway. I WISH! fantabulousnessplus
WOW! This is just amazing, I wish i could go and see this. Its awe inspiring!
beautiful an iridescence piece!
Saw this in person a few months ago.. very very cool! deCordova is just amazing
Nice! ^@^
Wow that must have been amazing! Im not going to lie. Im a little jelous!!

ranza6980 wrote:
Saw this in person a few months ago.. very very cool! deCordova is just amazing
This is so pretty!
Ooooh so fabulous! Love it!
OMG beautiful
Wow! Gorgeous! I'm truly amazed!!! Thank's Chloé for this great post!
Increiblemente hermoza luz!
Wow, that is so beautiful! ♥
Totally just pinned to my pinterest.
This is so beyond amazing
Wow! Want it for my living room!
so cool and beautiful
Sooooo amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would love that in my room
Wow! WOW!!!

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