COLOURlikers: There's Just Too Much L<span>ove</span>!

COLOURlikers: There's Just Too Much Love!

When I first started this site 7 years ago, it was a quick and easy decision to call it COLOURlovers: It was all about color for people who loved it. But now with 1.5M members from around the world who have loved, err, liked more than 10,000,000 pieces of shared content... I think we can all agree, that's just too much love!

It's also worth noting that in the current state of the world with ongoing wars, political tension, financial implosions... What the world really doesn't need is more love. That's why I'm super excited to share with you the new & waaaay better COLOURlikers!

It's just like the old COLOURlovers, but now without any of the love. What has love ever done anyway?! You're all probably used to liking things on Facebook anyway, so this should be an easy transition.

Start Sharing the Like!

So go check out the profiles of other likers. Go like some palettes or patterns. Share the like!

Don't worry, we're kidding. Happy April Fools. We still love you.

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April fools! It still says!
I really don't like the like-thing on FB ... and yesterday I thought
"oh my god , don't let it be real here on CL, let us stay in love"
now I am very glad that it was only a 1.april thing :-)
Hey. April Fools Day is over. Why don't you change it back?
omg I almost died ... until I realized it was a joke and let me tell you I FEEL SO GLAD IT WAS A JOKE.
Motherf-ers. Anyway, good joke.
o2bqueen wrote:
Silly me. I thought you were serious. Trix are for kids. :-)

And sometimes for tricky wabbits! ;D
hello dianesteinberg. ditto on your appreciation for Darius' work. on your second paragraph regarding your colorblind son, i do not comprehend the community you want to develop, but it is your option in the "community" section to invite whomever you chose. go for it, and do good.
What a shock! But the end came a relief to see it was a joke!!! kkkk
I was just thinking about the right button where it said "but if from some strange reason you want to keep COLOURlovers click here". That one killed me, thinking about how someone would choose likers over lovers. Now that I know it's a joke I'm very relieved.

You got me Darius :)
ColourLickers :D!
Lol. This is super!

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