Craft & Treats For St. Patrick’s Day

Happy  St. Patrick’s Day! If you need a few ideas of how to spend this holiday with your family, we have some great ideas for you whether you are looking for a great brunch, dessert ideas or crafts with the family. Get in the green spirit and let’s celebrate St. Paddy’s Day just right.

These self-labeled drinks are a fun way to spruce up your St. Paddy’s Day party. These little details will definitely be noticed by your friends and family.

Source: Lucky Brew, Bottles

Here are a few craft ideas you can do with the family today. A 4 leaf clover yarn wreath is a fun way to spruce up a door.


Here are a couple of fun ideas for the kids to get busy on Saturday. A fun way to make clovers with your finger print, will have the kids making art work for hours. Check out this free Printable to spruce up for home for this holiday. And hey, its a great piece to have around for a lot longer than just one day.

Source: Clover Craft, Printable

And now we get to the most fun part of the day, ways to spruce up your meals on St. Patrick’s Day. Green pancakes are the best way to get in the spirit of the holiday. And who doesn’t love Lucky Charms, this is a great way to get excited with some green milk and a Leprechaun’s favorite cereal.

Source: Pancakes, Cereal

These treats are perfect for a dinner party or just for a family meal. Homemade Jello Ice Cream sounds like the greatest idea ever doesn’t it? And when you mold them into clovers, they are even better.

Source: Bun Pizza, Jello Ice Cream

Taking it to dessert, we have a few fun ways to spruce up sweet treats for a festive approach to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day. From layered cake to brownie bites, there are plenty of ways to eat dessert in St. Paddy’s Day style.

Source: Cake, Brownies

Check out this spread from a St. Paddy’s bash. This dessert bar has a variety of different green treats and some great treat cards to boot.


What do you have planned for St. Patrick’s Day this year? Any festive ideas you have planned this year?

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