FLOR Color Hunt Challenge + Mini Contest

Have you submitted your design in the FLOR design contest? If you haven’t done that yet make sure you do, a $500 gift card to FLOR is on the line for the person with the most love votes!

Today we have a few pretty cool things going on to brighten up your Monday a little bit. A mini FLOR contest with a 2 FLOR tile up for grabs and a Color Hunt Challenge.

FLOR rugs not only give you the chance to design your own pattern but also to have a colorful and creative statement in any room. And get this, it is practical too. FLOR is easy to assemble and maintain. These awesome “FLOR dots”  keep your rug together and sturdy at all times, no matter what you have going on at home. And get this, if you have a spill, simply lift up the tile, rinse it in the kitchen sink, let it dry and place it back into your rug. How incredibly easy is that?

The Challenge: FLOR Color Hunt

And now here is your challenge, that is, if you choose to accept it:

  1. Go to Flor.com 
  2. Hunt for a 5-color palette entry. You can combine various rugs into a set.
  3. Create a color palette for those five items on COLOURlovers.com (Basic | COPASO | FROM A PHOTO).
  4. Post the images of the items and the palette in the comment section to this post.


Parallel Reality Rug:


Ready, Set, GO! Find those colors on Flor.com and comment what you came up with below.

The Contest: Connect on Facebook

Today through Thursday FLOR is hosting a mini Facebook contest. The prize up for grabs is a 2 tile rug from FLOR. The winner will be randomly selected on Thursday. Here is how it works:

  • Go to the Flor Facebook Page
  • Click “like”
  • Comment your answer to this question on their Facebook Page: “My favorite FLOR color is ______” (fill in the blank)

Good luck COLOURlovers!

Allison is the blog editor and gal behind the Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest at COLOURlovers. When she is not spreading color love around the web, she writes and manages Engaged & Inspired, a wedding blog and vendor resource for brides.