Color Your FLOR: Carpet Tile Design Contest

Color Your FLOR: Carpet Tile Design Contest

We are excited to team up with FLOR for such a fun & creative contest. "I've been a fan of FLOR for a long time now, and when I was remodeling my home office I figured it was about time to put some color under my feet. All day when I'm working, my chair sits on this color inspiration... Now I need to cover the rest of the floors in the house. ~COLOURlover"

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If you haven't heard of FLOR yet, it is about time you did. This unconventional carpet company gives you flexibility and creative freedom when it comes to designing the perfect rug for your home. Additionally, FLOR tiles allow you to customize the size of your rug so it fits in the space you need. As you can see through experiencing FLOR online, you will easily get lost in the patterns, colors and textures they provide. The design possibilities are endless for creative people like us.

In their eyes, the world of design is inspiring and ever-changing but must be practical based on your needs. FLOR makes it possible for you to find that perfect solution for room in your home.

The Contest Details

Submissions will close on March 15, but voting will be open until March 20th (11:59pm PST) to get as much love as you can on your design.
On March 20 we will announce the winner with the most love votes on their design.

The winner will receive a $500 gift certificate to spend on any FLOR styles, including your own design. This will give you the chance to pick out your fully customizable rug, then set it up however and wherever you choose.

Design Your FLOR: How to Enter the Contest

So how do you win such an awesome prize like this? Head over to the COLOURlovers FLOR builder for a 4x5 blank template of squares. Using the FLOR tiles, create your best “wow!” rug with FLOR’s color palette.

Once you feel you have fashioned something you love, submit the final creations to our gallery and spread the word about your awesome FLOR design... and remember, the one with the most "love" votes will be the winner of the $500 prize.

Check out the entries page and make sure to "love" your favorites.


As a side note, check back next Monday, March 12, for a FLOR Scavenger Hunt and small prize. You definitely don't want to miss a chance to get your hands on a few FLOR tiles, now do you? Want to know more about FLOR? Check out their About page and watch the video.

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I did a couple!

Art Deco
Art Deco by OrigamiMei

Dream Weave
Dream Weave by OrigamiMei

This is an awesome contest! Good luck everyone. :D
Love it!

Moma wrote:
What fun!

Sunset StripSunset Strip by

Well, since everyone else is doing it :) I love these competitions, and even if I'm sure I never win anything, I love making the entries! So here's quite a few already ;)

Lead On
Lead On by UPtimist

Skyway by UPtimist

Misty Lagoon
Misty Lagoon by UPtimist

Path by UPtimist

Walking Thoughts
Walking Thoughts by UPtimist

(Edit): One last, not so much to really compete, but just to try out some things :)

Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones by UPtimist

Great contest! Making those was a lot of fun.

Combo Box
Combo Box by tr67

(This contest is super fun. :D)
I Make Some Too!
The Name Will Start With My Name
Nie Niez Pixie ( Follow By Number )
Have Fun Everyone ^@^
These are exactly the colours i'd want in my living room. Thanks for introducing me to Flor!

Osei by mooberri

woooow !! great contest ♥


Z e n by hana*
Ok...just one more and now I'm finished!

Super Mod
Super Mod by OrigamiMei

These are so much fun! And there are so many fantastic entries! Just a few of mine:

SOAK by faith4faith

CALI by faith4faith

FALL by faith4faith

Such a great contest and so much fun! Really enjoyed the FLORbuilder :)
Have seen a lot of beautiful compositions so far and here is one of mine.

Purple sea
Purple sea by Coleccionista88

omg they all look so awesome. i feel so inadequate.
i only made one, heavily inspired by Mei's gorgeous take on it:

*Inexplicable Familiarity
*Inexplicable Familiarity by Faeleia

Some of the ones here are simply gorgeous! They were a great inspiration and I had so much fun with my own, I could hardly stop myself last night:

Sunny tricks
Sunny tricks
Petrol puddle
Petrol puddle
Bones and metals
Bones and metals
Thread softly
Thread softly
Mixed reds
Mixed reds
He's the man
He's the man
Ray of light
Ray of light
Inner peace
Inner peace
Quiet stimulation
Quiet stimulation
Barrier reef
Barrier reef

(Updated 13 March)
it would be great if this kind of pattern would become a permanent feature of CL, only not with a fixed colour set as in this contest. Let us pick the colours just like in Copaso, it would be so much fun as we could use up to 20 different colours at a time!
Nice contest!

Native by ak08

Naturally Happy
Naturally Happy by Pennington

One more. Couldn't help it :)
(the below was inspired by mei's dream weave :3)

*Fading Chrome
*Fading Chrome by Faeleia

*Sunshine Boulevard
*Sunshine Boulevard by Faeleia

Faeleia wrote:
If it's a popularity contest, it's 500% I won't get close to winning (and that's such a disappointment), cos the earlier you make your FLOR thing the more exposure and the more you spam the hell out of it the more people see, and the more popular your person is, the more votes you probably get. Me, I probably won't bother to go advertise my FLOR rug. i'll make some for personal fun then.

I tend to think you are rather popular around these part Fae. I don't feel you have anything to worry about, especially because your work is always great. You are talented!

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