Community Roundup: Carnival Challenge Results & Art Features

In this weeks Community Roundup we will be posting the results of the Carnival Challenge, put together by Sunmeadow. Also featured is the Shamrock Challenge, as it continues and some great groups about song lyrics, Spoonflower and even a group feature from another community, deviantart.


I’ve also pulled together a small collection of flower shapes to feature. If you have been trying to figure out pattern template design or want to better your skills, I think taking a study of different shapes in their simple form is a great start to figure out how COLOURlovers are layering and assembling their patterns.

Winners: Carnival Template Challenge

The challenge had 17 participants and 27 templates submitted. If you missed it, please join the Carnival Template Challenge group for next years challenge! They are all so well done and very intricate, which is your favorite?

#1 rubyvillasenor – MARDY GRAS MASCARADE

#2 jeremycole – mirabilis jalapa

#3 o2bqueen – Venetian Mask

#4 jjolmie – viva el carnaval!

#5 A tie between:

alffaroba – Folia

and incal – carnival mask

Since we I started the featuring of these holiday themed challenges, I’ve noticed we need to work out a couple kinks in the blog scheduling. I apologize to the Carnival Template winners for the feature of your works going up today instead of on Feb. 21st. as we did not do a Carnival-based post that day. 

Member Hosted Challenges Going on Now

Pattern templates are designed by members using Seamless Studio(Mac/PC desktop) or Seamless Lite (free / web version). If you have questions about Seamless you can contact me or your fellow COLOURlovers.

Shamrock Template Challenge hosted by o2bqueen & rubyvillasenor :: NOW until March 16th 2012

St. Patricks Day is fast approaching! The challenge is to design a template that includes a shamrock shape. This challenge has already started and ends March 16th 2012. The top five designs will be featured on COLOURlovers blog and Facebook page.

Reference Tag: STC12

Learn About Tags & Tagging Here

Great Groups

Colorful Song Lyrics & Remembrance 

Louis Armstrong by Wordofmouse | Amy Winehouse by LilyPrap | Whitney Houston by ninko | Etta James by WordofMouse (all but Whitney Houston came from the same thread)

This is a double feature as the groups at one point intertwine with the remembrance theme. The Colorful Song Lyrics Group has different focal points with songs and artists, but one discussion thread is themed for rememberence.

Remembrance Group: You are invited to share your respectful tributes to honor those who have recently passed away…Most discussions will be organized by month. Occasionally, badges will be posted to announce the passing of a well-known person.” 

COLOURlovers on Spoonflower

Simply put, this group is for any COLOURlovers who also have a Spoonflower account… or if you’re simply interested in surface and textile design in general.

Post your profile info so we can connect on Spoonflower
• Share your creations
• Share tips and discoveries
• Explore surface design with the CL community

This group will be working on both digital and physical projects. If you remember the recent post, Collaborative COLOURlovers Project: Spoonflower Quilt for a Queen, this was one such project. Join in the fun to get involved for the next big thing.

COLOURlovers on Deviant Art

This is a feature to a newer, fresher group on It currently boasts 58 members, so if you’re also a member over there and want to join up an active group here you are.

In looking through the group, I found this inspirational art piece, I loved how COLOURlovers palettes inspired it.

Antivenom by Kuromu on deviantart

Found myself on COLOURlovers the other day, and decided I wanted to paint Venom. I searched ‘Venom’ and the first palette to come up was one called S & M, and then I wanted to add Matthew into the mix, so I searched ‘Antidote’ and I found another palette which you can find here!

Matthew was much harder to paint because of the palette, than Venom was because of hers. Her palette just made her palette just made her look like she was under green lighting. Matthew’s was impossible to do anything like that with, but it sort of works. – A note from the artist



Notable Site Updates

You can now add your deviantart profile to your COLOURlovers profile. In your Account Settings, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see this area called, Identities:


If you would like more information on working with your identities, refer to this past post on it.

Creation Corner

Do you recall back in September we announced that you can create, save and view shapes in Seamless Lite? Each week we feature a theme of shapes in your Huesday Newsletter, this weeks theme was, “flowers.”

left to right:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 

11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

I am constantly amazed how COLOURlovers test the limitations of Seamless Lite. And you recall the Creative Market Announcement, a tool that will make it easier for all the fantastic creators at COLOURlovers to sell their creative content. So keep up the great work!

To search for a theme of shapes:

In the top right of the site, simply enter the item you want to search and it will pull up anything tagged “flower” for instance. So make sure you tag your shapes and work!

I’m going to wrap it up for now. More awesomeness to feature next week!

Author: Molly Bermea
Hi! I'm the COLOURlovers Community Curator. I come from a family with five imaginative kids. My mom instilled creativity to the max and you can usually find us scheming together, figuring out new ways to sew, craft or build DIY projects. The core of my artistic bone is in the art of painting.