COLOURlovers Community Roundup: Week 1

Welcome to the Community Roundup! Each week I will be pulling some great stuff from the nooks and crannies of COLOURlovers to feature here on the community forefront – the blog. You can expect everything from member-hosted games and contests to some fun finds you might otherwise miss. So let’s dig up what’s happening.

Member-Hosted Contests

We are lucky to have some very motivated COLOURlovers in our community. Here are a couple of great contests going on with plenty of time to join up and play.

If you are new to COLOURlovers, pattern templates are designed by members using Seamless Studio (Mac/PC desktop) or Seamless Lite (free / web version). If you have questions about Seamless you can contact me or your fellow COLOURlovers.

Carnival Template Contest hosted by Sunmeadow :: NOW until Feb. 21st 2012

The festive and colorful season of Carnival is now in full swing. Carnival is celebrated by over 10 million people worldwide from New Orleans (Mardi Gras) to Carnival in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and all through the carribean Islands. Group leader, sunmeadow, is hosting a Carnival Template Challenge. All are welcome to partcipate, from beginning template makers to seasoned pros. The challenge started this week and closes on February 21st, when five winners will be announced and featured on the COLOURlovers blog and Facebook page.

Reference Tag: CTC-1

Shamrock Template Challenge hosted by o2bqueen & rubyvillasenor :: NOW until March 16th 2012

With the month of March approaching, we have St. Patricks Day fast approaching! The challenge is to design a template that includes a shamrock shape. This challenge has already started and ends March 16th 2012. The top five designs will be featured on COLOURlovers blog and Facebook page.

Reference Tag: STC12

Learn About Tags & Tagging Here

Along with posting on the blog, I will actually post each template in their fully colored state (as those are more exciting than a grayscale template). So make sure to include a nice colored version with your submissions.

Please feel free to contact me (mollybermea) if you have an organized challenge you would like posted to this community announcement.

Fun Finds in the Forums

There are some gems for sure hiding in the Forums so it was hard to pick. This week I decided to feature a couple of games.

Game: Give and Take by praxicalidocious

This find was something I can tell a lot of you are already aware of, but thought notable to mention. Two things I love about this find, A) it’s been running from Oct. 2010 to the present! Literally, members are still posting to this as of 3hrs ago when I checked it. B) It’s a great little challenge if you’re stumped but want to create a palette. A good way to get out of a creative rut. Great job prax for getting this started!

Game: THE COLOURLOVIN’ GAME by sundancer

Another great, thought-centric game idea that should keep going like Give and Take (above). I break from randomly making palettes and could prove challenging. I like it’s limitations and urge to help you branch out of your comfort zone. Give it a shot! Thanks sundancer!

The COLOURlover Above Me by Faerenach :: A thread for appreciating one another

What a great concept! COLOURlover, Faerenach started this thread in June 2009 and it’s still going as of a couple of weeks ago. This is what I love about this community, such big hearts and appreciation for everyone’s work. Also a great way to meet and analyze a member and their work you may not otherwise have met.

I Spy: COLOURlovin in the Outside World

I love hearing how members found this lovely community! I Dream Loudly, a blog by new member, khippor put up post about her latest addiction…you guessed it, COLOURlovers!! How did you discover COLOURlovers?

COLOURlover, Miss Bea Heyvin hosts a group on Shopstyle. This weeks inspiration palette is "Purple_Peacock"
Color by COLOURlovers” target=”_blank”>Purple Peacock.
 (actually mine! wow, I’m flattered!). What a fun lookbook – check it out.

House Beautiful’s Blog Roundup included our DIY Moroccan Pattern Wall Stencil post.

Do you know of any fellow COLOURlovers who make an impression on our community? 

What have you spied outside of our COLOURbubble? 

Notable Site Updates: Pinterest Buttons on COLOURlovers

How many of you have caught the addictive Pinterest bug? Well good news to those of you who have, we have now added the ability to not only pin the blog posts and trends, but literally any creation you see on COLOURlovers! Amazing right?!

In addition to this fancy new addition, did you know that COLOURlovers is also on Pinterest?

If you do have tips and/or suggestions as to what you would find valuable to post here and/or in Huesday, feel free to send me (mollybermea) a note via Love Note or email: molly (at) COLOURlovers (dot) com. I hope you enjoyed todays roundup! I’d love some feedback!

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