Interior Paint Palettes We Love

Recently, we spent some time reflecting over some beautiful home decor images in order to curate these ten beautiful palettes from the Martha Stewart paint line in a collaborative project titled, “Paint Palettes We Love.”

Peruse these lovely combinations and fancy what your space might become, reinvented with fantastically bold or mellow combinations that might pull your imagination strings. One thing I adore about Martha’s paint line is that her and Kevin Sharkey dig in to their memories and whims when building a collection of color around them. You can literally see these things in the names of the paints themselves.

Inspiration: A Sunny & Sweet Flower Arrangement


This sunny flower arrangement was procured from the sweet tooth of Kevin Sharkey. A few of his favorite sweets happen to be lemon drops and raspberry rock candy.

“Consider things that never fail to make you happy — a box of pastel crayons, macaroons from Paris, a beloved artist’s paintings — and make note of their colors. Then bring the palette to life by plucking it from nature: Arrange flowers, leaves, branches, fruits, or vegetables in the shades of your passions.” – how kevin creates

We took this arrangement and furthered its use by adding a wonderful palette drawing from the strongest points, which could be a great base for an entire room.

Kevin Sharkey’s Bedroom


A very strong and masculine space, Kevin’s room is quite impressive, very minimal yet not feeling empty. Obviously the massive graphic painting is a striking visual element that helps keep the furniture grounded in such a large space. Kevin said,”I wanted the bed to look like a bento box.”

These heavy colors definitely work in such a large space using the Sharkey Gray as a base, not to light and not too dark of a hue to wrap it all up nicely.

Skylands Guesthouse: A Bedroom Built Around A Lamp


Martha had this entire room designed around the Italian alabaster reading lamp pulling from ruffled edges, fluted top and ivory lamp base. A very serene feeling pulls from the room to create a very innocent palette.

Functionality: American Colonial Kitchen


Clean, white and steel-accented kitchen is brought down to earth with its mahogany countertops. Painted wood paneling and earthy sentiments keep this space from becoming too chilly.

Staying Grounded: Colonial Bedroom


A very earthy palette describes this Colonial bedroom. The centerpiece being the heavy baroque Swedish desk comfortably pulling the colors together.

Colonial: Synchronizing A Pink Room


Pink rooms are becoming more and more popular, but to pull it off right, without it screaming “girly” or “princess” – the right palette should share the same space. Here the grays and browns within similar hues really bring the “pinkness” down a few notches to simply create a beautiful, classical space.

Turquoise Trend: Cool & Collected Office Space

Color by COLOURlovers” target=”_blank”>source

Who doesn’t want some energy thriving in their office? But use too much and your brain won’t be able to function. Balancing out your visual energy colors with grays and other muted contrasts can definitely bring a room like your office in to a focused, enjoyable space.

Balancing Act: Soft & Striking Living Room


Who doesn’t love some sunshine and rain at once? The trick is getting the right balance to get a beautiful, non-amature space. You wouldn’t want your finished living space to look like a kids room. Toning it down and bringing the colors together with some neutrals can help these two striking contrasts coexist nicely.

Manhattan Loft


Collaborative wood accents definitely help ground this high-patterned space and light, warm neutrals give the darker hues balance.

Green Living Room


Green can be a very serene and focus intensive hue. The right green combined with earthy darker hues give off quite a bit of richness. Adding balancing neutrals and you’ve brought it all together in a meditative, relaxing space to spend time in.

Have you put together a space-palette for your own spaces? Are you dreaming of of a palette for your spaces? I know I am! Maybe some of these COLOURlovers curations will jumpstart your ideas.

If you want to locate the paint colors from each project, each curated palette in this post includes the colors made through the Martha Stewart paint line. 

Palettes used in this post:


Author: Molly Bermea
Hi! I'm the COLOURlovers Community Curator. I come from a family with five imaginative kids. My mom instilled creativity to the max and you can usually find us scheming together, figuring out new ways to sew, craft or build DIY projects. The core of my artistic bone is in the art of painting.