Creative Market ~ A New Kind of Marketplace for Handcrafted, Mousemade Design Content

Creative Market ~ A New Kind of Marketplace for Handcrafted, Mousemade Design Content

I'm very excited to announce, a new kind of marketplace for handcrafted, mousemade design content powered by a global community of creative people... just like you!

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We have a simple, but important company mission: to make beautiful design simple & accessible to everyone.

This mission is something we've been passionately living here at COLOURlovers for the last 7 years. We started by building the world's best color community & creative inspiration site. By curating a supportive community for ideas to be shared and inspiration to be found, we've jump-started a massive amount of creative projects.

We then started building design tools like ColorSchemer and Seamless Studio that were simple & intuitive, but powerful & professional. These tools provide expert capabilities to novice creatives, and help them develop their skills.

Creative Market is the next piece of our mission that will help creatives easily access a wealth of beautiful design content for their projects. Whether it's finding a unique vector pattern for a textile, the perfect font with personality for a new logo, or any other kind of digital creative content that helps you produce something amazing.

Our friends at empowered the handmade goods revolution. We believe we can do the same for mousemade goods. Grab your creative tools and join us!
Click here to sign up for early access and get $5 free credit.

What It Means for COLOURlovers

We've helped a few members sell the patterns they've created here at COLOURlovers and it's an amazing feeling to give somebody access to tools and a platform so they can make some money doing what they love. I get stoked when I think about the day when one of your full-time jobs is simply being a COLOURlover. We've wanted to make it easier for members to sell their creative works, but not to over-commercialize the COLOURlovers site. We started building commercial tools into the site, but we realized the best thing for both COLOURlovers & CreativeMarket was to let them tell their own stories... in the best way they can.
COLOURlovers is a creation & inspiration community.
CreativeMarket is a marketplace for awesome design content.

They obviously work very well together, but by separating the sites we don't have to worry about commercializing COLOURlovers too much. We're very conscious of how special this place is. We can make CreativeMarket the best marketplace for finding, buying, selling & sharing the most unique and beautiful design content. And we'll make it super easy for COLOURlovers members to participate in the CreativeMarket if they want to.

You all have already created tens of thousands of beautiful patterns and unique shapes that are valuable, but we'll also be including other creative content types that designers need like Fonts, Photoshop Brushes, Gradients, Photos and more. We'll continue to make design software & apps that help you create the content that will be sold in the marketplace. We believe we can make the creation process for all of these kinds of creative content as simple & intuitive as we've done with our other apps.

I've seen how amazingly talented you all are, and I know that helping you make a living through your passion is how we can best live our mission.

Do You have Digital Content to Sell?

Are you a designer with beautiful vector shapes & patterns, fonts, brushes, photos, icons or other creative content you would love to sell in the Creative Market? Be one of the first publishers in our marketplace and let us promote your work to millions of people.

Contact Us to be one of our first publishers →

Thank you so much for the support, creativity & love over the past 7 years. We hope our new marketplace can reward you for all your hard work... Thanks for sharing the love.

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This is very interesting, and congrats on moving it forward. Could you elaborate on a few things if possible?

Compared to graphicriver and the whole envato market thing, what percentage will the site take? That's really been a turnoff for me for envato - they take 50% of the designer's sales...

Secondly, do you know what the exclusivity of the marketplace will be, e.g., if I want to sell an icon set on your site, can I also sell it on another site?

I realize that it's early, but if you know these things already it would be pretty influential to me to determine what amount of energy could be put toward it.
We want to have fair splits with publishers. I don't know an exact number yet, but it should be more fair to the producers.

And there will be benefits to being exclusive, ie a higher %... but you won't be locked into only selling on Creative Market.
This is so fantastic, D. You guys (the CL staff) are amazing and I am most grateful for the opportunities you are providing us with.
I am in love with this plan! Sounds exciting, thank you. =)
The best on the new project!
I Had Just Join The Creative Market Website... ...
Sounds good! Joined!
Very interested!
Love brushes! , I make them on PS all the time, Looking forward to seeing what all of this is about.
haha. I have already picked out works from COLOURlovers that I intend to (hopefully) purchase in the near future! So get ready, I'm dying to get my hands on them to use in some design pieces! :)
I had a feeling something like this was on the way.
OMG! Just off to join. Exciting and have been so looking forward to the opportunity to becoming part of a creative market. Look forward to becoming a full time member in due course ... xxx
WoW it sounds awesome, count me in.
I am in doubt; i love coulourlovers because it is fun and it is FREE. What if in the futur more licences are set to "all rights reserved" because people want to sell the item on creative I joined and wil follow the site with great attention.
Schojea brings an interesting point. What is the relationship between commerce and artistic freedom? And why should a leading provider network with a great free community expand into commercial territory? -- In the past only the wealthy could afford to devote time to artistic pursuits. Today, money represents some aspects of freedom. Without it, we would have to spend all our time hunting food... Also, in some places commercialism can create watered-down art and lackluster inspiration. To me, the best is when all faculties are flying full sail. I think it's great that CL has one of the finest communities I've ever been involved in online- and I think it's great that a completely different venue is open for the talent here to explore, and get recognized.

There isn't any one right way to live, but there are connection points between them, and I think CL is on to something! I believe that life inspires creativity- that it comes from the spirit which is at our fundamental core of being. Others look at this artistic drive- the will to create- as a place we are inspired to go, not where we're from. Top down or bottom up- who's right? Well, life works in so many different ways, I think that sticking with one is going to limit the fun and diversity that CL promotes every day with its existence- so I applaud the way CL will handle a commercial interest- it will be awesome to see in action.

Wowo.. Love it. :).
I wanted to let you know that when I followed the link in today's email to Creative Market, I got the following message:

This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.
Thanks for a nice post. Cheers.
This is not talking about sales of palettes or coloured in patterns right? Cuz I have no skills in seamless or vector works but i don't mind making some of my patterns / palettes available for sale..
i agree
nice posts for lovely people wish you god blase you
How exactly will this work? If I want to purchase a pattern to have some fabric printed, how much would that cost? $10? or $500? What would be the limitations of use? Would we still get to share palettes, or would you have to buy them?
Sounds great. Looking forward!
Now look what you've done… you've whetted my mouse again!
Great idea and I look forward to hearing more!!! Thanks CL!!!
mmmm....interesting! sounds wonderful, can't wait to see what happens =)
exciting stuff.....I'm waiting!
WoW it sounds awesome, count me in.
I have been having soo much fun playing with the palettes and patterns and it is always inspiring to gather together the collaborative creative genuis' and those that appreciate beautiful things so that we can all play Muse to each other. I look forward to this Creative Playground and as a designer and artist I am glad to share this platform with color seekers as well as color geek-ers :))

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